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Flag of Jamaica svg.png Calinetic
Calinetic Logo 2018.png
Full Name Team Calinetic
Base Brackley, United Kingdom
Kingston, Jamaica
Founder(s) Joseph Calinetic
Team Principal(s) Andrew Caine
Technical Director
Current Drivers Flag of Australia svg.png Daniel Ricciardo
Flag of the Netherlands svg.png Max Verstappen
Other Noted Drivers Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Gary Cameron
Flag of Belgium svg.png Thomas De Bock
Flag of Russia svg.png Evgeny Restov
Debut 2010 F1RWRS German Grand Prix
Flag of Bahrain svg.png 2016 Marlboro Bahrain Grands Prix I
Races 40 (112 entries)
Formula One: 114 (114 entries)
Constructors' Championships F1RWRS: 0
Formula One: 0
Drivers' Championships F1RWRS: 1
Formula One: 0
Race Wins F1RWRS: 1
Formula One: 0
Podiums F1RWRS: 10
Formula One: 5
Points F1RWRS: 164
Formula One: 197
Pole Positions F1RWRS: 7
Formula One: 0
Fastest Laps F1RWRS: 4
Formula One: 1

Team Calinetic (sometimes shortened to simply Calinetic) is a Jamaican race car constructor currently owned by Andrew Caine, founded by Joseph Calinetic and known for winning the inaugural 2010 F1RWRS season drivers' championship with Gary Cameron. Despite this, the team never won a constructors' title and and thereafter struggled in the F1RWRS.


Early Years (2005-2009)

The team was founded by Jamaican businessman Joseph Calinetic in 2005, who secured funding from America, engineers from the UK and a pit crew from Spain. They had the most success in the GT Tuning Cup, with their Koenig GT always up the front. They also enjoyed mild success in the Global GT Lights, and ran a US Speedtruck, winning the 2005 championship, both for drivers and teams, despite neither driver scoring a win, a pattern that would continue in the future.

F1RWRS Years (2010-2013)

When the announcement of the creation of the F1RWRS was made in late 2009, Calinetic immediately built a chassis. As one of the ten founding teams competing in the 2010 season, Calinetic hired drivers Gary Cameron and Phoenix McAllister. They would race the season without winning, yet Cameron still took the championship, on sheer consistency alone. Unfortunately, McAllister was not as fast as his teammate, and Calinetic lost the constructors' title to Prospec.

The CAL2, the car driven by Thomas De Bock and reigning Drivers' Champion Gary Cameron for the 2011 season.

2011 was not as successful, although Cameron still managed to finish third in the championship, winning the team's first (and only) race at the Dutch GP. Shortly before the season, the team sacked McAllister and hired Thomas De Bock, who finished 9th overall. The team was third in the constructors' standings, but well behind Prospec and JLD Motorsport.

Team Calinetic's decline began in 2012. De Bock had been replaced at the end of 2011 by David Koczo, who they'd stolen from Prospec and whilst Cameron stayed on for another season with the team, he subsequently left after the sixth race of the year at the Dutch Grand Prix, the site of his win for the team a year previously. He'd become unhappy at the team's performance, the Briton having only qualified for three races at that point in the year. Nicolas Steele was hired to replace Cameron, but he would only qualify for 3 out of the 10 races he entered. Koczo meanwhile stayed put for the whole season, but the only highlight was taking pole at the German GP, finishing fourth.

Following their poor 2012 season, the decline continued as Calinetic were relegated to pre-qualifying for 2013, and only started two races, failing to pre-qualify for the rest. Steele and Koczo both stayed with the team, but Steele left for Kamaha after just two races. The team convinced John Zimmer to return from retirement, and he managed to convince a number of sponsors to join them. He and Koczo qualified for the Mexican GP, with Zimmer finishing 6th and scoring a point. It wasn't enough to get them out of pre-qualifying, and it was the team's only point all year. Both Zimmer and Koczo also qualified for the Belgian GP, with Koczo the best of the two drivers, finishing in 9th. Thereafter from the Portuguese GP, Zimmer left the team, initially replaced by rookie Nathan Scott, though for the final race of the year at Brazil, Koczo was paired with Poppy Whitechapel. Neither passed pre-qualifying in what turned out to be the team's final race, though the decision to pull the plug on the team's F1RWRS operation had already been made by team boss Joseph Calinetic at the Chinese GP. The Jamaican stated that their lack of results had induced a low return on investment, and as a result the team was lacking the funds necessary for competing at the top level of motor racing.

Formula One (2016-

After purchasing the Brackley facilities from Mercedes GP Calinetic was announced as one of the new team's joining the grid for the 2016 F1 season. But soon problems struck, as the team was left with an expensive Mercedes customer engine and a dull chassis designed on short notice, which led to the owner of the team to resign. The team was bought by Andrew Caine, who tried to fix the issues by hiring proven man Evgeny Restov, and ex-talent, Giorgio Pantano. The team faced a difficult season, and eventually finished in 10th in the constructor champioship, with Restov taking a podium place in a chaotic German Grand Prix. For 2017, the team kept the Petronas sponsorship, and hired the young dutch talent Max Verstappen and Jazeman Jaafar, to replace the departing drivers, while Dean Stoneman was kept as the team's test driver. Before the start of the season, it was already clear that 2017 was going to be another year fighting for minor point. The team went on to finish 10th in the constructors, with 2 points obtained from 2 10th places. One for Verstappen, and one for Stoneman, who substituted for Verstappen in eight races.

For 2018, the team switched from Mercedes power to Holden power, and kept Max Verstappen as a driver, while also splashing to acquire Daniel Ricciardo to partner the dutch driver. In the second race of 2018, Ricciardo came home in 8th place, scoring the first points of the season for the team. He followed by finishing 3rd in the first race of the Japan weekend, taking the team's second podium in Formula One. Verstappen scored his first points of the season with an 8th place in the second race at Suzuka. Coming into Bahrain, Calinetic was in the position to fight with Haas, Sauber, Ferrari and Williams for 4th in the WCC. Ricciardo finished 7th in the first race of the weekend, while Max would finish 10 in the second race of the weekend. The Turkish weekend started awfully for the team, as Daniel Ricciardo retired from a points scoring position, and then Max followed up with another retirement. A double retirement to start the weekend, which was then solved in race 2, as Daniel Ricciardo finished 6th. After the Grand Prix, it was announced that the team would be employing Icelanding star Einar Ármannsson as a driver for the Finnish and Russian Grands Prix, replacing Max Verstappen. For Cyprus, Calinetic announced their first upgrade of the season, as the team expected to come closer to Sauber and Haas in terms of raw pace. While race 1 wasn't a sucess, with Ricciardo finishin 10th to only score a point, race 2 would see one of the best drives in the past decade, as Ricciardo, coming from a Q1 elimination, came through the field to finish 2nd, Calinetic's best F1 result to date, only 4 seconds behind race winner Badu. Max Verstappen increased the team's total for the race, as he came through the finish line to score his best career result, in 5th place, propelling the team into 6th in the constructor standings.

After the fantastic weekend at Cyprus, Calinetic were brought down to the real world, as bottom points paying positions were shared amongst the team drivers until Russia. Daniel Ricciardo scored a 9th and a 6th place, at Mediterranean II and at Germany II respectively, with Max Verstappen getting a 9th place at Mediterranean I, before Einar Ármannsson was brought in for the Russian and Finnish rounds in a sponsorship deal for those rounds only. Ármansson started out his stint well, as he scored a 8th place on his debut race for the team at Finland I, but over the next 3 races, he wouldn't score points, as Verstappen returned to his seat from Singapore onwards again. Finland especially was a very though weekend for the team, as the car struggled all weekend long and in both qualifying sessions couldn't clear Q1.

Come Singapore, the Haas F1 squad announced a big update coming for the night race at Asia. What seemed like the doom of Calinetic, eventually turned out not to hamper them that much, especially as the team countered with an update at Surfers Paradise. At Singapore, we finally started to see Max Verstappen show his true talent and raw speed, as he outpaced Daniel Ricciardo and finished in a 6th place at Singapore II, with together with Ricky's 10th place in race 1, saw Calinetic stay ahead of Haas come Surfers Paradise. Calinetic's upgrade worked for the australian rounds. Daniel Ricciardo got a 5th and 6th place in both races, while Max Verstappen got his first ever F1 podium by finishing 3rd at race 1, and qualifying 3rd for race 2, but over confidence betrayed the young dutch, as he spinned attacking Melrose for 2nd place, and eventually finished a low 16th place. Great Britain saw Dean Stoneman do his yearly performance for the team at his home race, but his weekend ended in disappointment, as a retirement in race 1 saw a points chance go begging and lack of pace in race 2 saw him finish 16th. Ricciardo, on the other hand, finished 5th and 8th, and Calinetic were now getting away from Haas and closing in on Sauber.

Then, the weekend of Paris came. Race 1 was marked in all of Formula One fans, and has been called a sports classic. Daniel Ricciardo got away well, and found himself in 3rd place early on. Strong pace and good strategy saw the australian driver take the lead of the race, and with just two laps to go, it seemed Calinetic would take their first victory in Formula One, and Daniel Ricciardo his first win in over two years. But with two laps to go, Lewis Hamilton, in 2nd place, punted Daniel Ricciardo off the road, and dropped Ricciardo down to 10th place, where he would finish. The teams fastest lap was a small consolation prize, as Hamilton got a 20 second penalty, and Haas got a 1-2. Calinetic didn't just lose a victory: they had lost 6th in the WCC as well, as Daniel Ricciardo pursued Hamilton in an unusual outburst of rage, punching the former World Champion, calling him a "coward who [did]n't know how to drive". Race 2 saw Ricciardo get even more penalty points, as he was involved in a collision with Romain Grosjean. Verstappen finished 7th in race II. Verstappen and Ricciardo both scored in Zandvoort, with the dutch making his fans happy with a 7th and a 6th, before taking a podium in Hungary I, with Ricciardo taking a 5th in race II. Ricciardo would score again at Mexico, before Verstappen scored two 9ths at Brasil. Between those, Sergio Pérez, replacing Verstappen at Mexico, scored a 9th as well. Calinetic finished 7th in the WCC, just 4 points off Haas, and miles ahead of Williams, and seemingly established themselves in the sport's midfield.

Unfortunately, 2019 proved to be a return to form in a negative way. The F1-CAL4 was not a developmental success and the team lacked the necessary funding to improve the car. With increased reliability and driving standards in the last season of the two-race era, Ricciardo and Verstappen both managed only two points-finishes until the Hungarian Grand Prix. As if their situation was not already challenging enough, Holden immediate ending of its F1 program left the team scrambling to find a new engine supplier in less than three weeks. An agreement with Judd was reached in time to supply the team. Even though the Judd XI required building a new housing that hurt the aerodynamic capabilities of the car, Calinetic scored their only double-points finish of the season at the second Grand Prix of Mexico. After Daniel Ricciardo was excluded from the Chinese Grands Prix, former world champion James James Davies signed a two-race contract to prepare himself for a 2020 comeback. While a 20th and 17th place by the Brit were nothing to write home about, the PR boost by this outing certainly proved valuable.


Team Calinetic remain as one of the most successful of the original ten founding teams of the F1RWRS, and the most successful of those no longer competing. They helped establish the career of the now well known Gary Cameron, one of the most successful drivers in the series, whilst Nathan Scott has gone on to drive for front-running team DGNgineering. They remain as one of only a select group of teams to have won a championship title, and are the only Jamaican team to have ever competed in the F1RWRS. For a while after closure of their F1RWRS team, the Calinetic racing team continued to compete in other motorsport categories, with varying degrees of success. I

Complete F1RWRS Results

Year Chassis Engine # Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Points CC
2010 Calinetic CAL1 Ford V8 GER LUX SAX CHN TAS BHR BEL GBR AUS 75 3rd
8 Flag of Spain svg.png Phoenix McAllister 8 16 8 8 7 15 Ret 11 4
9 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Gary Cameron 4 3 5 15 4 3 4 2 10
1 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Gary Cameron 3 8 DNPQ 4 NC 13 2 10 1 17 10 8 Ret 7 18
2 Flag of Belgium svg.png Thomas De Bock 2 DNPQ 14 Ret 3 DNPQ 10 13 14 9 2 7 8* 8 Ret
5 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Gary Cameron DNPQ 6 DNPQ Ret DNPQ 18
Flag of the United States svg.png Nicolas Steele 11 DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ 26 DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ 25
6 Flag of Hungary svg.png David Koczo DNPQ DNPQ 4 DNPQ 13 DNPQ DNPQ 18 DNPQ Ret 8 16 Ret 17 19 20
29 Flag of the United States svg.png Nicolas Steele DNPQ DNPQ
Flag of Australia svg.png John Zimmer 6 DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ 13* DNPQ
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Nathan Scott DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ DNPQ
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Poppy Whitechapel DNPQ

Complete Formula One Results

Year Entrant Chassis Engine # Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 WCC Points
2016 Team Calinetic Petronas F1-CAL1 Mercedes PU104B BAH IND BRA MEX PAC CYP HUN GER GBR RUS AUT ITA EUR ESP USA ABU SIN JPN CHI 10th 27 (43)
90 Flag of Russia svg.png Evgeny Restov 10 18 Ret 20 19 15 15 21 Ret Ret Ret 18 Ret 3 17 18 17 12 15 14 Ret 9 15 12 Ret 13 19 Ret Ret Ret 13 Ret 18 18 5
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Dean Stoneman 12 21 Ret
91 Flag of Italy svg.png Giorgio Pantano Ret 17 13 13 12 14 21 Ret 13 Ret 8 15 10 13 13 5 22 13 19 22 17 17 15 12 14 16 14 18 22 12 17 13 15 Ret 17 19 21
Flag of Italy svg.png Salvatore de Plano Ret
90 Flag of the Netherlands svg.png Max Verstappen Ret 20 Ret 17 21 13 11 13 13 Ret 11 12 10 Ret Ret 22 14 16 Ret Ret Ret 16 13 14 C C 18 22
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Dean Stoneman Ret 20 Ret 16 10 15 13 20 C C
Flag of Brazil svg.png João Paulo de Oliveira C C 18 20
91 Flag of Malaysia svg.png Jazeman Jaafar Ret 14 15 19 18 17 15 Ret 16 Ret 19 22 14 Ret 19 15 15 Ret 15 16 Ret 18 Ret 18 20 Ret Ret 20 Ret 14 14 22 C C Ret 22 19 25
90 Flag of Australia svg.png Daniel Ricciardo 15 8 3 11 7 Ret Ret 6 10 2 15 9 16 6 12 17 4 11 10 13 5 6 5 8 10 20 Ret 9 Ret 5 12 8 7 14 6 10 Ret 13
91 Flag of the Netherlands svg.png Max Verstappen 11 19 18 8 19 10 Ret 16 14 5 9 17 Ret 19 21 6 3 16 Ret 7 7 6 3 11 23† 11 12 11 9 9
Flag of Iceland svg.png Einar Ármannsson 8 13 22 13
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Dean Stoneman Ret 16
Flag of Mexico svg.png Sergio Pérez 20 9
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