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Flag of the Isle of Man svg.png AMR
AMR Logo.png
Full Name Anglo-Manx Racing
Base Foxdale, Isle of Man
Founder(s) Douglas Mann
Noted Drivers Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Pippa Mann
Flag of the Isle of Man svg.png Douglas Mann
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png James Davies
First Race 2011 F1RWRS Bavarian Grand Prix
Races 31 (62 entries)
Constructors' Championships 1
Drivers' Championships 1
Race Wins 3
Podiums 8
Points 168
Pole Positions 3
Fastest Laps 4
Last Race 2012 F1RWRS Indianapolis 500

Anglo-Manx Racing, commonly shortened to just AMR, was a championship-winning Manx F1RWRS racing team, established by Douglas Mann. The team was set up in the wake of Mann leaving the West Cliff Racing team following the 2010 season, the Manxman having become disillusioned with the team's poor results. The team competed in both the 2011 and 2012 seasons, with Pippa Mann, Douglas' sister, taking the drivers' title in 2012, along with helping the team seal the constructors' championship in the same year. For the following 2013 season, AMR were merged with the Manx-Anglo-Nippon Racing Team to form Foxdale Auto Racing Team.

2011 - A Brother and Sister Effort

As one of a high volume of new teams entering the F1RWRS for 2011, as the series expanded rapidly on the back of it's success, AMR found itself in stiff competition with a whole host of other teams and drivers. As a result, initial results in the first two races were average, however two second places at the Saxon GP for Pippa Mann, and at the next race, the Luxembourg GP for Douglas Mann saw the team quickly make its presence known within the paddock, and demonstrated it's potential. For Douglas, it would be the only points he'd score all year until the final race of the year, with 7th place at the US Grand Prix. However for Pippa, consistent finishes in the lower half of the points were enough to keep AMR at the front of the midfield pack of teams, with the team eventually finishing 5th overall, a total of 46 points. It was an excellent first year by all standards, the best performance by a completely new team. Holden had finished 4th, but had taken over the Rosenforth Engineering team mid-way through the year.

2012 - Victories and Titles as Pippa pips Dagnall and Lon

The 2012 AMR 008 #9, driven by Pippa Mann. Her car was distinguishable by the pink areas, which were red on James Davies' car.

The 2012 season was AMR's finest period of existence. Building on their performance in 2011, Douglas Mann moved across to the sister MAN Team, and so Pippa was partnered with fellow Brit James Davies. A new chassis and an improved engine from their exclusive supplier Peel-DMC meant AMR were in an excellent position right from the start of the year. And what a year it was. A fantastic battle for both championships saw Pippa take two wins at the Saxon GP, the site of the team's first podium a year earlier, and at Luxembourg as well. Davies too chipped in with a victory of his own at the Dutch Grand Prix, as well as taking a second place in the season-opener. On the whole though, it was Pippa who again collected the most points for the team, locked in a battle for the drivers' championship with Chris Dagnall and Kay Lon that went right down to the wire at the first F1RWRS Indy 500. Pippa's second place there was enough to take the drivers' title, as she became the first woman ever to win the F1RWRS title. It was also enough for AMR to clinch the constructors' championship, as they edged out RubberTex-Jones Racing. It was a breathtaking achievement for the small family team, which ended up with a massive 122 points in total, almost three times as much as their 2011 season.

2013 - Merger with MAN creates Foxdale

New regulations for the 2013 season were known to be on the horizon, and as such there was a great deal of uncertainty over the future of potential contracts, deals, and even teams. With this doubt hindering his pre-season preparation before the rules were announced, Douglas Mann took the decision to merge his two teams into one outfit. AMR and MAN would come together to create Foxdale Auto Racing Team, ensuring that the F1RWRS grid continued to have a presence from the Isle of Man. With now only two seats available within the organisation, the difficult decision was made to let go of James Davies, and Hagane Shizuka who had raced alongside Douglas at MAN in 2012. Both Pippa and Douglas would drive for Foxdale, reforming a partnership that had worked very well during AMR's first season.

Association with Peel-DMC

The Peel-DMC logo, which appeared on the AMR cars both in 2011 and 2012.

Throughout the team's existence, AMR used an innovative engine developed in partnership between Peel Engineering Company and DeLorean Motor Company. The two manufacturers came together to form Peel-DMC Performance Engines, and supplied units exclusively to AMR. The engines were of a traditional three litre V8 format, but were however extremely compact and light - a feature that was partly attributed to AMR's success in 2012. When AMR was merged with the MAN team to form Foxdale prior to the 2013 season, an initial agreement was reached with Peel-DMC to supply engines to the new team, but this was rendered void by the F1RWRS Commission upon the introduction of a series of wide-ranging regulations that would transform the series. Foxdale were forced instead to seek customer engines from engineer Brian Hart, which proved to be woefully unreliable. For 2014 onwards, the unreliable Hart engine would be replaced by more reliable Renault engines.

Complete F1RWRS Results

Year Chassis Engine # Drivers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Points CC
20 Flag of the Isle of Man svg.png Douglas Mann 10 DNPQ 12 2 DNPQ 18 DNPQ 17 DNPQ DNPQ 9 Ret Ret 13 7
21 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Pippa Mann 18 5 2 Ret 11 4 4 9 7 7 13† 16 Ret 5 DNPQ
9 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Pippa Mann 6 1 Ret 1 Ret 6 7 5 4 12 Ret 4 Ret 3 6 2
10 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png James Davies 2 8 9 DNPQ DNPQ 1 DNPQ 4 10 Ret 10† 11 Ret 8 7 12
  • † Driver did not finish the Grand Prix, but was classified as they completed over 90% of the race distance.
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