Einar Ármannsson

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Einar Ármannsson
Nationality Flag of Iceland svg.png Icelandic
Born 5th August 1995
Reykjavik, Iceland
DEC Holder kevinbotz
Current Series Formula One
Current Team Theodore Racing Team
Car Number 91
Former Teams Mansell, Ferrari, Calinetic

Einar Ármannsson (born August 5, 1995 in Reykjavik, Iceland), is an Icelandic racing driver currently racing in Formula One. He is most famous for his stint with Ferrari.

Early life and career

Born into a family of affluent amateur racers, Ármannsson was first introduced to motor racing through attending his father's Formula Off Road events, and various weekend karting races. Having been exposed to the sport at a very young age, and with a family background capable of supporting his ambitions, Ármannsson ascended both local and international karting ladders rapidly, winning the Karting World Championship in 2008. The Icelander followed his karting successes with a Formula Ford championship in his rookie season, earning him a race seat in Formula Renault 2.0 with the front-running Koiranen Motorsport team.

Nevertheless, despite demonstrating prodigious pace throughout his debut season, Ármannsson struggled with car setup issues and consistency, consigning him to a lowly fifth place in his debut year. 2011 thus represented a considerable improvement, as Ármannsson came to grips with his machinery and took three consecutive victories at the end of the year; with his confidence restored and two years worth of experience under his belt, Ármannsson dominated the 2012 season, taking ten victories and an additional six podium positions. Ármannsson would subsequently transition to Formula Renault 3.5, where he finished on the podium an impressive eleven times, though he failed to take any victories, and placed third overall. In a reversal of his fortunes in Formula Renault 2.0, Ármannsson would assemble a robust championship challenge in the following season; whilst he eventually fell short to perennial junior series nemesis, João Oliveira, 2014 nevertheless marked a watershed moment in the young Icelander's career, as Ferrari drafted him as a future Formula One prospect.

Ármannsson would spend the majority of 2015 serving as a simulator driver at the Ferrari facilities in Maranello.

Formula One

2016: Mansell

Ármannsson would spend his first Grand Prix season in torrid circumstances, having been deputized to the new Mansell team by Ferrari management in order to gain more F1 experience. With an abysmal chassis and a virtually non-existent management team, Ármannsson struggled, ultimately finishing near the bottom on the championship table. In spite of his difficulties, however, Ármannsson ultimately managed to score Mansell's only points finishes of the entire season, a seventh place and a tenth at the Cypriot Grands Prix. His professionalism and stoicism under duress impressed Maranello sufficiently that the task of deputizing for Nathan McKane for the remainder of his contract at Kingfisher was left to the young Icelandic driver.

2017: Ferrari

Ármannsson deputized for Ferrari for the first four race weekends of the season, establishing himself as a solid, if unspectacular, driver capable of regular points finishes. He duly made way for Nathan McKane as the latter driver's ARWS contract expired at Cyprus, and was subsequently remanded to his previous testing and reserve duties. Whilst cognizant of the transient nature of his tenure at Ferrari, a frustrated Ármannsson nevertheless committed the following four months toward a ruthlessly fastidious refinement of his racecraft and a brutally arduous physical conditioning program. His preparations left him in good stead for when McKane was effectively forced into an involuntary sabbatical following a particularly egregious incident with Robert Kubica at Monza.

Recalled to the Ferrari race team once more at the European Grands Prix in Silverstone, a deeply motivated Ármannsson immediately dispelled existing impressions by forcibly splitting the two dominant Caterham cars, applying consistent pressure first to Sebastian Vettel, then to Daniil Kvyat during the second tire stint. His dogged persistence paid off gloriously as the championship leader committed an unusual race-ending error, and, with Kvyat subsequently coming into contact with the DGN of Kevin Magnussen, left Ármannsson in the lead of the race. Ármannsson would then go on to become the first Icelandic victor of a Formula One Grand Prix.

Managing three more podiums and multiple points finishes in the remaining races, Einar Ármannsson had at last established himself as a respected driver in Formula One. Treated as a national hero at home, Ármannsson was granted audiences with both the President and Prime Minister of Iceland, and was voted by the Icelandic public as the Icelandic Sportsperson of the Year for 2017. Much to his and his compatriots' chagrin, however, the sponsorship climate in F1 in 2018 was such that Ármannsson was left without a permanent race seat, and the Grand Prix winner would spend most of 2018 driving for Racing Team Solvalou in the GT Super Series.

2018: Calinetic

Despite racing full-time for Solvalou in 2018, Ármannsson, upon request, deputized for a suspended Max Verstappen in the Finnish and Russian Grands Prix for Calinetic. Though the car was comparatively uncompetitive, Ármannsson nevertheless contributed to Calinetic's point tally with an eighth place finish.

2019: Theodore

Not having raced in Formula One in a permanent capacity since 2016, Ármannsson quickly agreed to race for the newly inaugurated Theodore Racing Team when extended a contract offer by Teddy Yip Jr. Ármannsson would be partnered by former Precision driver Valtteri Bottas.

GT Super Series

2018: Racing Team Solvalou

Ármannsson, needing a race seat after being unceremoniously dismissed by a new Ferrari management team, agreed to a one-year contract with Racing Team Solvalou to drive the #02 Lamborghini Murcielago R-GT alongside fellow GTSS rookie Chris Winter. Adapting quickly to the new discipline, Ármannsson proved to be highly competitive in a GT car, securing Solvalou's first victory of the season at the Yas Supercar Festival, before proceeding to secure both championships by scoring consecutive victories at Zhuhai and Suzuka.


Complete Formula One results

Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 WDC Points
2016 Petrobras Mansell Engineering Mansell Red 5A Ferrari Type 059 BAH IND BRA MEX PAC CYP HUN GER GBR RUS AUT ITA EUR ESP USA ABU SIN JPN CHI 24th 7
13 19 Ret 16 18 17 19 18 15 20 7 10 Ret 19 12 Ret 19 17 21 21 20 Ret 18 17 Ret 20 Ret 23 13 17 18 18 16 17 14 22 20
2017 Scuderia Ferrari Gauloises Ferrari F17 Ferrari Type 059 USA JPN IND BAH CYP HUN GER GBR AUS PAC MEX AUT ITA EUR ESP ABU RUS BRA CHN 10th 136
18† 6 8 Ret 22† 5 7 4 1 3 3 6 9 7 C C Ret 3 7 7
2018 Team Calinetic Shionogi Calinetic F1-CAL3 Holden LSF1-18 USA JPN BAH TUR CYP MED GER FIN RUS SIN AUS GBR FRA NED HUN ABU CHN MEX BRA 28th* 3*
8 13 22 13