Voeckler Wins As Ferrari Falls In Yugoslavia

127Ayrton SennaFerrari1:19:436
22Jeremy-Etienne VoecklerMcLaren-Honda1:19:633
328Alain ProstFerrari1:20:652
41Gerhard BergerMcLaren-Honda1:20:744
518Chris DagnallArrows-Zakspeed1:22:483
617Brendon CassidyArrows-Zakspeed1:22:658
710Valentino NicchiZakspeed1:23:558
85Emerson FittipaldiWilliams-Honda1:23:960
923Pierluigi MartiniMinardi-Ford1:23:967
1024Frederic-Maxime VoecklerMinardi-Ford1:24:209
113Martin BrundleTyrell-Ford1:24:408
1215Alex CaffiAGS-Ford1:24:653
139Alessandro NanniniZakspeed1:24:732
146Kazuki FushidaWilliams-Honda1:24:854
1512Derek WarwickLotus-Ford1:24:863
1614Philippe StreiffAGS-Ford1:25:024
1726Riccardo PatreseLigier-Judd1:25:266
1811Guillaume GauthierLotus-Ford1:25:309
1925Rene ArnouxLigier-Judd1:25:424
2020Michele AlboretoBenetton-Ford1:25:478
214Jonathan PalmerTyrrell-Ford1:25:508
2229Harvey JonesLola-Ford1:25:551
2319Thierry BoutsenBenetton-Ford1:26:076
2422Stefano ModenaOsella1:26:739
2531Roberto MorenoColoni-Ford1:27:056
2621Nicola LariniOsella1:27:464
DNQ30Isabella NorikoLola-Ford1:27:928
DNQ32Gabriele TarquiniColoni-Ford1:28:944



Voeckler mistakes early on didn’t hamper his chances of winning.


As we move on to the Automotodrome Grobnik in Rijeka, we are met with the surprise notice that Nigel Mansell had got worse since the Hungary GP, and as such, Williams needed a replacement. What was unexpected was the return of Emerson Fittipaldi; who is racing in CART at the moment.

In qualifying, Senna took pole as usual, and lead most of the early phase of the race. However, he spun out on the straight while dealing with a lap car; even worse, he lost his front wing. Jeremy-Etienne Voeckler was left to inherit his lead, but he also spun out, which lead to increasing doubts of the quality of the Grobnik track.

Despite this, Voeckler was able to capitalize on further mistakes of the Ferrari drivers to take the win, Berger following in his tail, and Senna completing the podium. While it is nice to obtain a podium, he didn’t look too happy in the podium. Arrows were happy to take the 5th place in the race, but, due to a mistake by Cassidy, they didn’t take the final two scoring positions as they usually do. This honour went to Emerson Fittipaldi, the driver that replaced Nigel Mansell on the race.


12Jeremy-Etienne VoecklerMcLaren-Honda1h 48m 00.186
21Gerhard BergerMcLaren-Honda+39.976s
327Ayrton SennaFerrari+1m 00.878s
428Alain ProstFerrari+1m 03.778s
518Chris DagnallArrows-Zakspeed-1 Lap
65Emerson FittipaldiWilliams-Honda-2 Laps
717Brendon CassidyArrows-Zakspeed-2 Laps
83Martin BrundleTyrrell-Ford-2 Laps
99Alessandro NanniniZakspeed-3 Laps
1010Valentino NicchiZakspeed-3 Laps
1124Frederic-Maxime VoecklerMinardi-Ford-3 Laps
1223Pierluigi MartiniMinardi-Ford-3 Laps
1326Riccardo PatreseLigier-Judd-3 Laps
1414Philippe StreiffAGS-Ford-3 Laps
1512Derek WarwickLotus-Ford-3 Laps
166Kazuki FushidaWilliams-Honda-4 Laps
1711Guillaume GauthierLotus-Ford-4 Laps
184Jonathan PalmerTyrrell-Ford-4 Laps
1922Stefano ModenaOsella-5 Laps
2015Alex CaffiAGS-Ford-6 Laps
2125Rene ArnouxLigier-Judd-6 Laps
2231Roberto MorenoColoni-FordTransmission
2329Harvey JonesLola-FordLoose Wheel
2420Michele AlboretoBenetton-FordTransmission
2521Nicola LariniOsellaPuncture
2619Thierry BoutsenBenetton-FordLoose Wheel


Fastest Lap: Ayrton Senna – 1:22:992


Infinite Improbability Drive of The Race – Emerson Fittipaldi, amazing stuff for a comeback

Reject of The Race – Ferrari, amateurish mistakes put an end to a sure 1-2.