Norris Wins First Grand Prix of Doha, Vettel Receives Matchball


139Sho TsuboiROOKIE-Toyota1:35.4961:34.926
288Robert KubicaROOKIE-Toyota1:35.3671:34.977+0.051
347Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd1:35.3661:50.908+0.440
418Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:35.7241:35.563+0.637
556Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW1:36.5431:36.195+1.269
623Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1:36.3181:36.210+1.284
794Pascal WehrleinToyota1:37.1261:36.918+1.992
820Kevin MagnussenToyota1:37.1251:37.295+2.199
91Victoria DesaiFerrari1:37.4641:37.320+2.394
1057Dean StonemanMcEwan-Mercedes1:37.7761:37.567+2.461
1110Alessio LorandiFerrari1:37.8371:37.963+2.911
127Charles LeclercSauber-Toyota1:38.2621:37.918+2.992
1370Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Ferrari1:38.6341:38.360+3.434
1463George RussellMcEwan-Mercedes1:38.4041:38.387+3.461
1560Ritomo MiyataSauber-Toyota1:38.7121:38.522+3.596
1629Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1:39.3001:38.914+3.988
1726Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1:38.9561:39.207+4.030
1833Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1:39.4231:39.161+4.235
1955Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes1:39.3171:39.530+4.391
204Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes1:40.1651:39.524+4.598
2181Malik ZidanLoonmotor-Judd1:40.6111:40.027+5.101
2295Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1:40.3081:40.233+5.307
2380Raven RothAndretti-Ferrari1:41.1551:40.402+5.476
2498Colton HertaAndretti-Ferrari1:41.5511:41.464+6.538
2511Terry HawkinFAST-BMW1:43.0721:42.079+7.153
2621Théo PourchaireFAST-BMW1:43.3921:43.390+8.464


Kevin Magnussen's amazing drift showcased the issues drivers had on the moistened asphalt.
The Losail International Circuit, a favourite of motorcycle racing fans across the planet, finally got its well-deserved chance to host the most popular four-wheel racing series on the planet and it delivered a great Formula One event.

Bouyed by the venue, the midfield pack had a great fight for the last points-paying position. In particular, the efforts of Roger Ibe and Pastor Maldonado must be praised, as must be the heroic, yet unrewarded defence played by Dean Stoneman.

At the top of the grid, Lando Norris kept his dreams of becoming Formula One World’s Champion alive, although they are still hanging on by a mere thread. Taking the lead with an early stop, Norris never was in danger afterwards.

In the fight for third in the driver’s championship and second place in the team’s rankings,  ROOKIE Racing were able to make a major breakthrough, as both MRTs experienced technical issues and one retired because of them.


147Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd57:47.859310
218Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+9.61248
339Sho TsuboiROOKIE-Toyota+42.45517
488Robert KubicaROOKIE-Toyota+44.48725
556Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW+64.15254
629Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1 Lap163
770Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Ferrari1 Lap132
810Alessio LorandiFerrari1 Lap111
994Pascal WehrleinToyota1 Lap8
1020Kevin MagnussenToyota1 Lap6
1157Dean StonemanMcEwan-Mercedes1 Lap10
1233Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1 Lap18
1326Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1 Lap17
1481Malik ZidanLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap21
1560Ritomo MiyataSauber-Toyota1 Lap15
167Charles LeclercSauber-Toyota1 Lap12
1780Raven RothAndretti-Ferrari1 Lap23
1895Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap22
194Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes2 Laps20
2098Colton HertaAndretti-Ferrari2 Laps24
2155Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes2 Laps19
2211Terry HawkinFAST-BMW2 Laps25
2363George RussellMcEwan-MercedesMotor14
2421Théo PourchaireFAST-BMW3 Laps26
DNF23Jules BianchiMRT-BMWLoose Wheel6
DNF1Victoria DesaiFerrariTransmission9

Fastest Lap:

Lando Norris – 1:36.051

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Alessio Lorandi – despite an incident with Roger Ibe, he fought himself back into the points.

Reject Of The Race:

MRT-BMW – technical issues on both cars may cost them the runner-up spot in the championship.