Berger Wins Amidst Hungary Chaos

127Ayrton SennaFerrari1:27:158
22Jeremy-Etienne VoecklerMcLaren-Honda1:27:997
328Alain ProstFerrari1:28:235
41Gerhard BergerMcLaren-Honda1:29:202
55Nigel MansellWilliams-Honda1:30:722
618Chris DagnallArrows-Zakspeed1:31:237
717Brendon CassidyArrows-Zakspeed1:31:241
810Valentino NicchiZakspeed1:32:164
99Alessandro NanniniZakspeed1:32:689
1023Pierluigi MartiniMinardi-Ford1:32:889
113Martin BrundleTyrell-Ford1:33:409
1212Derek WarwickLotus-Ford1:33:561
1324Frederic-Maxime VoecklerMinardi-Ford1:33:601
1411Gillaume GauthierLotus-Ford1:33:646
1514Philippe StreiffAGS-Ford1:33:731
1626Riccardo PatreseLigier-Judd1:33:808
1715Alex CaffiAGS-Ford1:33:811
1820Michele AlboretoBenetton-Ford1:33:969
196Kazuki FushidaWilliams-Honda1:33:974
204Jonathan PalmerTyrrell-Ford1:34:332
2125Rene ArnouxLigier-Judd1:34:680
2229Harvey JonesLola-Ford1:34:883
2322Stefano ModenaOsella1:34:971
2430Isabella NorikoLola-Ford1:35:559
2521Nicola LariniOsella1:36:055
2631Roberto MorenoColoni-Ford1:36:170
DNQ19Robert KaganBenetton-Ford1:36:252
DNQ32Arsenio MatarazzoColoni-Ford1:38:531

Gerhard Berger, the man who capitalized on other’s mistakes to win.


After the German Grand Prix and the qualifying for Hungary, many fans lost hope that we would see another round of the Prancing Horse showing their domination. However, this was not the case.

Prost had two big blowouts; first, he lost his front wing during an accident in the middle of the race, and secondly, approaching the end, he had an electrical failure near the end of the race, which meant that his chances of winning the race were incredibly bleak, and, to top it off for the Scuderia, Senna made some mistakes early on, and he had lost pace compared to qualifying.

While many thought that Jeremy-Etienne Voeckler would be the main man to look out in the race for the Ferraris, he made another mistake, while entering the last sector, he completely missed the fact that Derek Warwick had spun out and had to recover, and while the Lotus was recovering, he completely acelerated and crashed, letting himself down, and out of the race.

This all fall into place for the other McLaren driver, Gerhard Berger, who kept his nose clean throught, and as a result, he won the race. Ferrari completed the podium, Mansell was 5th for Williams-Honda, and 4th and 6th were the Arrows of Chris Dagnall and Brendon Cassidy respectively.

Fushida, despite a poor qualifying, was able to recover for another 7th place. Roberto Moreno was the upset of the day, as he managed to beat the Benetton of Robert Kagan for the last place in the grid. The AGS showed pace, but with Caffi having issues early on, any chance of them getting into the top 10 was null and void.

11Gerhard BergerMcLaren - Honda1h 59m 32.465
227Ayrton SennaFerrari+52.806s
328Alain ProstFerrari+1m 18.067s
418Chris DagnallArrows-Zakspeed-1 Lap
55Nigel MansellWilliams-Honda-1 Lap
617Brendon CassidyArrows-Zakspeed-1 Lap
76Kazuki FushidaWilliams-Honda-3 Laps
83Martin BrundleTyrrell-Ford-3 Laps
911Valentino NicchiZakspeed-3 Laps
1023Pierluigi MartiniMinardi-Ford-3 Laps
114Jonathan PalmerTyrrell-Ford-4 Laps
1212Derek WarwickLotus-Ford-4 Laps
1314Philippe StreiffAGS-Ford-4 Laps
1411Guillaume GauthierLotus-Ford-4 Laps
1515Alex CaffiAGS-Ford-4 Laps
1622Stefano ModenaOsella-4 Laps
1720Michele AlboretoBenetton-Ford-5 Laps
1821Nicola LariniOsella-6 Laps
1931Roberto MorenoColoni-Ford-6 Laps
2010Alessandro NanniniZakspeedSuspension
2130Isabella NorikoLola-FordWater Leak
2226Riccardo PatreseLigier-JuddWater Leak
2324Frederic-Maxime VoecklerMinardi-FordTransmission
2429Harvey JonesLola-FordTransmission
252Jeremy-Etienne VoecklerMcLaren-HondaDidn't Finish
2625Rene ArnouxLigier-JuddTransmission

Fastest Lap: Alain Prost – 1:29:641

Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race – Kazuki Fushida, from 19th to 7th in one of the trickiest circuits in the whole calendar.

Reject of the Race – Jeremy-Etienne Voeckler, silly mistake makes him lose championship points.