Stewart Grand Prix

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Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Stewart
Full Name Stewart Grand Prix
Base Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
Founder(s) Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Sir Jackie Stewart
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Paul Stewart
Team Principal(s) Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Paul Stewart
Technical Director Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Alan Jenkins
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Gary Anderson
Noted Former Drivers
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Chris Dagnall
Flag of Denmark svg.png Jan Magnussen
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Dario Franchitti

Stewart Grand Prix was a Formula One constructor that operated in the late 1990s. The team was formed by former Grand Prix driver Sir Jackie Stewart and his son Paul Stewart in 1997 as the official Ford works team.

The team would later be purchased by the Ford Motor Company and turned into Jaguar Racing. This team would later be purchased by the Austrian energy drinks giant Red Bull, whom still race in Formula One to this day as Red Bull Racing.



Following their debut season, Stewart were keen to recruit a high profile British driver to partner Jan Magnussen. An ambitious bid was made towards Damon Hill in the off-season, but was rejected in favour of a move to Lola. This left the door open for Chris Dagnall - despite being close to retirement, Dagnall was seen by many corners of the British motor racing press to be made from the same cloth as Sir Jackie Stewart, and was a real lift to the team in the off season. Despite this lift, results in the opening few races of the season were ultimately disappointing.

Stewart's first points would come from Magnussen's fifth place at the French Grand Prix, followed by a sixth for Dagnall at the German Grand Prix. However, Stewart's fortunes would change in the deluge at the Belgian Grand Prix, with Magnussen managing to take his and Stewart's first ever win. Magnussen's victory would be the only non-Ferrari or McLaren constructors win in 1998.


At the end of 1998, Dagnall would leave the team - seemingly to retire. Stewart would turn back the clock to 1994, reuniting Magnussen with British F3 teammate and CART refugee Dario Franchitti. Franchitti would be a regular points scorer in 1999 and finished in tenth place overall in an impressive debut season - his best results being fourth place in the Austrian and Belgian Grands Prix. In contrast, Magnussen struggled all year and failed to score. Stewart finished their last F1 season in sixth place in the constructor's championship.

Stewart were hit in the off-season by a motorcycle accident involving test driver Jason Watt, which left him paralysed from the chest down.


Following the conclusion of the 1999 season, the Ford Motor Company completed the purchase of Stewart Grand Prix and re-branded it as Jaguar Racing. The team retained the services of 1999 driving personnel Dario Franchitti and Jan Magnussen - although Magnussen was demoted to reserve driver status. Franchitti would be joined by hot-headed Northern Irish driver Eddie Irvine, whom had had an impressive few seasons with the likes of Sauber and Minardi in the years prior.

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