Roger Ibe Wins First Grand Prix, Norris Throws It Away Again


137Victoria DesaiFerrari1:16.0171:15.671
223Alexander AlbonFerrari1:15.8621:15.866+0.191
394Pascal WehrleinPrecision-Mercedes1:16.2361:15.868+0.197
457Dean StonemanPrecision-Mercedes1:15.9831:15.942+0.271
51Artem MarkelovBR Mansell-Toyota1:15.9781:16.278+0.307
629Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1:16.1391:16.093+0.422
747Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd1:18.5131:16.208+0.537
833Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1:16.5711:16.366+0.695
939Sho TsuboiBR Mansell-Toyota1:16.5551:16.447+0.806
1018Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:16.5141:16.958+0.843
1120Kevin MagnussenToyota1:17.7141:16.562+0.891
1270Sérgio Sette CâmaraWilliams-Ferrari1:17.1991:16.984+1.313
1377Valtteri BottasToyota1:17.0951:17.068+1.397
1426Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1:17.6611:17.330+1.659
1531Esteban OconFAST-BMW1:18.2401:18.021+2.350
1611Terry HawkinFAST-BMW1:18.0991:18.277+2.428
1723Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1:19.7191:18.761+3.090
1856Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW1:19.1471:19.070+3.399
1995Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1:20.4081:19.668+4.015
2055Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes1:20.8941:20.392+4.721
214Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes1:20.7221:20.498+4.827
2246Alessandro CicognaniLoonmotor-Judd1:20.9681:20.777+5.106
237Charles LeclercSauber-Judd1:21.5511:22.553+5.880
2484Jack AitkenSauber-Judd1:22.975No Time+7.304*

* 10-place grid penalty for causing an avoidable accident


Unlike his teammate, Max Verstappen drove a terrible race and embarrassed himself in India.
Winning the Formula One world championship requires tremendous motorsport ability, a lot of luck and a mind of steel. In theory, Lando Norris has all of these things. Unfortunately, theory has not been practice over the last seven days.

Once again, Lando Norris looked likely to win the Grand Prix. Instead, he made another error that left him watching as someone else was given the trophy for the winner. 2Mr. Excitement” Roger Ibe won his first Grand Prix in a dramatic event.

Victoria Desai provided sparks as well, after a technical issue forced her into an additional pitstop, she found herself in second ahead of Norris and fought off the charging Brit. Still, Caterham’s WCC lead expanded as Norris-Vettel finished third and fourth.

Artem Markelov, whose dreams of back-to-back titles are already in trouble, got a valuable first points finish. Kevin Magnussen and Terry Hawkin returned to the top 10, valuable for their teams; even if it left the actual star in the midfield, Jules Bianchi, behind.


129Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari68:11.52915
237Victoria DesaiFerrari+14.94812
347Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd+15.15410
418Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+23.9678
523Alexander AlbonFerrari+47.7856
670Sérgio Sette CâmaraWilliams-Ferrari+52.3515
71Artem MarkelovBR Mansell-Toyota+55.5284
833Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari+63.5273
920Kevin MagnussenToyota1 Lap2
1011Terry HawkinFAST-BMW1 Lap1
1123Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1 Lap
1277Valtteri BottasToyota1 Lap
1356Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW1 Lap
1457Dean StonemanPrecision-Mercedes1 Lap
1539Sho TsuboiMansell-Mercedes2 Laps
1695Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd3 Laps
1746Alessandro CicognaniLoonmotor-Judd3 Laps
1885Jack AitkenSauber-Judd4 Laps
1955Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes4 Laps
207Charles LeclercSauber-Judd5 Laps
214Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes5 Laps
DNF14Esteban OconFAST-BMWAccident
DNF94Pascal WehrleinPrecision-MercedesAccident
DNF26Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-FerrariTransmission

Fastest Lap:

Lando Norris – 1:18.220

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Jules Bianchi – once more he came just shy of the points, but proved his status as MRT’s ace.

Reject Of The Race:

Lando Norris – throwing away a likely win in the second consecutive race is not how you earn glory.