BMW Scores First Victory in F1 Return, Caterham’s Streak Ends


139Sho TsuboiROOKIE-Toyota1:13.3791:12.823+0.004
288Robert KubicaROOKIE-Toyota1:13.3201:13.028+0.209
318Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:13.3741:13.517+0.555
456Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW1:14.3341:14.540+1.515
520Kevin MagnussenToyota1:14.8151:14.573+1.754
61Victoria DesaiFerrari1:15.0971:14.751+1.932
710Alessio LorandiFerrari1:14.7781:14.894+1.959
87Charles LeclercSauber-Toyota1:15.6961:14.903+2.084
994Pascal WehrleinToyota1:13.9551:13.721+0.902**
1060Ritomo MiyataSauber-Toyota1:15.0021:14.946+2.127
1147Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd1:13.0431:12.819*
1257Dean StonemanMcEwan-Mercedes1:15.2471:14.953+2.134
1333Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1:15.0011:15.134+2.171
1470Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Ferrari1:15.5191:15.119+2.182
1563George RussellMcEwan-Mercedes1:15.1931:15.310+2.300
1629Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1:15.4991:15.355+2.536
1726Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1:15.8571:15.702+2.833
1823Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1:14.9681:14.692+1.873*
1955Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes1:15.7871:17.925+2.968
204Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes1:16.0081:15.828+3.009
2181Malik ZidanLoonmotor-Judd1:16.5311:16.292+3.473
2295Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1:16.5101:16.328+3.509
2380Raven RothAndretti-Ferrari1:17.1241:17.123+4.304
2498Colton HertaAndretti-Ferrari1:17.2441:17.529+4.425
2511Terry HawkinFAST-BMW1:18.8541:18.421+5.602
2621Théo PourchaireFAST-BMW1:19.3841:19.266+6.447


Kevin Magnussen going airborne after contact with his teammate was just the beginning of the madness in Cyprus.
Despite its recent struggles to find people willing to pay hosting fees, Germany is still one of the realest motorsport nations out there.  German fans filled the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben to see what could be the last German Grand Prix for a time, around 60,000 people were on hand for this weekend.

While they were not able to see hometown hero Sebastian Vettel take a third win in a row, they at least got to see a German manufacturer win. They shared their joy with the ever-fanatic Icelandic fans: Einar Ármannsson won for Melrose Racing Team.

As Ármannsson returned to the top step of the podium for the first time since 2019, different teams were also able to celebrate: ROOKIE Racing tightened their grip on third in the championship with a 4-5 and Ferrari had both of its drivers in the points for the first time since Abu Dhabi last year.

Teams that struggled were Red Bull Racing who did not get either driver in the top 8 and McEwan, who did not get going at all and failed to look as competitive as they did in previous races, getting cleanly beaten by the two Loonmotor cars.


156Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW66:39.010410
218Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+3.00938
347Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd+13.717116
488Robert KubicaROOKIE-Toyota+26.91625
539Sho TsuboiROOKIE-Toyota+39.16915
610Alessio LorandiFerrari+52.11773
71Victoria DesaiFerrari+53.71762
894Pascal WehrleinToyota+77.00391
933Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1 Lap13
1026Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1 Lap17
117Charles LeclercSauber-Toyota1 Lap8
1229Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1 Lap16
1360Ritomo MiyataSauber-Toyota1 Lap10
1481Malik ZidanLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap21
1595Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap22
1663George RussellMcEwan-Mercedes1 Lap15
1757Dean StonemanMcEwan-Mercedes2 Laps12
1898Colton HertaAndretti-Ferrari2 Laps23
1980Raven RothAndretti-Ferrari2 Laps23
204Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes2 Laps20
2155Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes2 Laps19
2211Terry HawkinFAST-BMW3 Laps25
2321Théo PourchaireFAST-BMW4 Laps26
2470Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-FerrariMotor14
Ret23Jules BianchiMRT-BMWLoose Wheel18
Ret20Kevin MagnussenToyotaTransmission5

Fastest Lap:

Sebastian Vettel – 1:15.237

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Alessio Lorandi – finally got his first points and earned every one of them.

Reject Of The Race:

Sebastian Vettel – losing a race in a way that hurts your team does not look good in the employee evaluation.