Sparks Tops the Times as Bahrain Test Concludes

Shane Sparks would set the fastest time of the weekend to conclude the Pre-Season Test for the GT Super Series at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The factory Lister driver would put in a time that was five hundredths of a second quicker than what Morgan Le Fay did in the qualifying trim session yesterday. He would be one of the strongest drivers of the second test day putting in the third and second fastest times in the race trim sessions for GP Racing. Teammate Ryota Wong would put in the third fastest time in the qualifying trim session, but three tenths behind Sparks and two tenths behind the second fastest time set by Einar Armannsson.

Einar would continue the strong showing from Racing Team Solvalou in Bahrain, with the Formula 1 race winner topping the times in both of the race trim sessions earlier in the day. The other factory Lamborghini, piloted by Antonio Fazio on day two, would end the two race trim sessions with the sixth and third best times in the pair of sessions respectively.

The other factory operation that was strong on day two was BMS Scuderia Italia and their pair of Ferrari 550 Maranellos. James James Davies would put in the second quickest time in race trim over the two sessions behind Armannsson, and the fourth quickest time in the qualifying trim session albeit half a second behind the time that was set by Shane Sparks.

The best times for independents would be set by Laurent Seron in race trim, and Winton Racing driver Natsuki Yaname in the qualifying trim session. Yaname would also put in the second best time in race trim for an independent entry, less than a tenth of a second behind the best race trim time for Seron. Yaname’s fastest time in the qualifying trim session would only be four hundreths of a second quicker than the time done by Redur Jaffer in the Best In The World Lamborghini.

Test Results – Day 2

141MShane SparksGerald Pereria1:49.16662
22MEinar ArmannssonSolvalou+0.06969
314MRyota WongGerald Pereria+0.29468
428MJames James DaviesScuderia Italia+0.53367
557INatsuki YanameWinton+0.74366
63MAntonio FazioSolvalou+0.74766
796IRedur JafferBest In The World+0.78360
863MJacques MalenfantCarson+0.82264
957IRonnie FitzgeraldCommonwealth+0.88464
1077IAndrea MassiniMinarae+0.88969
1127MAndrea ConstantiniScuderia Italia+0.94161
1245IPatrick FeldhofferEuromotor+1.01268
1388ICarlton ChoLKM+1.02969
1421ILaurent SeronBelgio+1.05463
1524MFelix HorvathPagani+1.17665
166MRoland DavidsonGulf+1.17867
1764MOliver JonesCarson+1.31665
182IMelanie BourneBoutsen Ginion+1.34463
1956IValeri KozarCommonwealth+1.36666
2025MGiulio MariPagani+1.36865
2113IKaren FaradayWinton+1.42666
2296IMarlin HortinBest In The World+1.49268
2355IJoel MelroseTom Douglas+1.51467
247MOlivia GeiszlerFalken Tire+1.57761
2544IAlexandrea CharpantierEuromotor+1.76568
2661IDavid SimmonsFulcrum+1.77265
27555IVidal Reyna-SanchezTom Douglas+1.83569
283IJacob TuckerBoutsen Ginion+2.04564
2930ILuc PellerinGlobex Scorpio+2.23265
3032IMorten PedersenRMR+2.34864
3162ISekou KparghaiFulcrum+2.58865
328IVitaly KabirovChris Short+2.63758
339IRichard de LangeChris Short+2.95966

Note: Everyone’s best times happened in Session 3: the Qualifying Trim Session, with the exception of Laurent Seron who put in his best time during the Race Trim Sessions.