Llosa to Start Title Decider on Pole Position

Reigning GTR WC Drivers Co-Champion Ricardo Llosa will start the season ending Super GP at the High Speed Ring from Pole Position on Sunday.

It will prove crucial if the pairing of Llosa and Jordan McKenna want to successfully defend their championship as they will have clear track for what is their only standing start of the season. It is also crucial for them as they come off the heels of their fourth win of the season and second in a row at Suzuka, putting them in the captain’s seat with the double points on play for the Drivers and Teams championships. The Spaniard would fire off the pole time early in the first qualifying session on Saturday, with nobody improving enough during the second session to put any doubt that the time would stand or not. All drivers in the top 6 overall failed to improve in the second session; the only drivers in that group near the title picture would be Alexandre-Laurent Voeckler starting fifth and Shane Sparks starting on the inside of the front row.

The first driver to improve in the second session would be championship contender Fabian Rei, starting seventh and while only improving by eight hundredths of a second, it would prove enough of a buffer to prevent Llosa’s teammate, Karl Lichter Shultz, from starting ahead of the factory Lister driver and potentially leaving a major hurdle for Rei and co-driver Ryota Wong to overcome on Sunday. However, other title protagonists have themselves a bigger challenge ahead of them come Sunday. Denis van Walwijk, while only two tenths off of his teammate Alexandre-Laurent Voeckler after improving in the second session, is a further seventeen positions down the starting order, leaving him prone to being involved in early collisions. Fellow title protagonist Stefan Kuntz only managed to fair a bit better, starting seventeenth and a second off of Llosa’s pace.

The highest starting independent driver will be Darren Older Jr., coming off of his second Class Victory in his part-time campaign with co-driver Ito Shidehara with the Brit starting fourth on Sunday. The next highest independent driver is Formula 1 Rejects World Race Series driver Kay Lon, who only got his first running of the weekend in the first qualifying session after having to attend to business commitments for the Best In The World clothing line in Tokyo, he starts sixth and a tenth and a half ahead of 2017 Independents Co-Champion and teammate Asim Adhikari.

11MRicardo LlosaUnion Saver1:02.163
220MShane SparksGerald Pereria+0.538
362MFrank ZimmerRosenforth+0.567
456IDarren Older Jr.CWG+0.580
528MAlexandre-Laurent VoecklerVittore+0.638
611IKay LonBest In The World+0.773
719MFabian ReiGerald Pereria+0.795
82MKarl Lichter ShultzUnion Saver+0.909
9165SGPChris WinterBaasch+0.910
1041IAsim AdhikariBest In The World+0.923
1124ITristan JungTrueba+0.924
125IGia Van DyckeBelgio+0.975
1377INathan ScottMinarae+0.977
143MRafael ModenaDelacroix-Serrano+1.003
1531MPieter KickertRosenforth+1.025
1612IJohn MagnusAeroracing+1.028
1702MStefan KuntzSolvalou+1.059
1892IPaul JenkinsGlobex Scorpio+1.165
1903MAntonio FazioSolvalou+1.166
2055ISam WintonWinton+1.173
2169IRoger IbeLuxray+1.181
2227MDenis van WalwijkVittore+1.193
233MGiovanni RodaDelacroix-Serrano+1.256
2491INikolas HirvonenGlobex Scorpio+1.262
2594INiklas SvanbergLoyer+1.270
26166SGPAntonio Reyna-SanchezFAR Horizon+1.273
27188SGPTravis CrabtreeBlokkmonsta+1.324
2840IJose Pablo MazzacaneKjellerup+1.335
29149SGPErnest BrunoAero Kings+1.339
3018IChiara RossiICE-3+1.356
318IFederico NavarroFulcrum+1.366
3273ITom DouglasJLD+1.381
33127SGPMorten PedersenRMR+1.382
3451IQuentin BispingEuromotor+1.428
3513IAndoni GarridoAeroracing+1.430
3617IHelena BoveriICE-3+1.565
3799IYuya KurosawaToshio+1.658
3840IMattias KjellerupKjellerup+1.723
3950IDawn GrangerEuromotor+1.783
406IRoland DavidsonGulf+1.795
4197IAlexi MelvanovChris Short+1.867
4230IMilan VukovicOnyx+1.872
4387IDiego Mauricio BatistutaJLD+1.924
4467IAndrea ConstantiniLibrizzi+2.004
4580IKenji KatayamaKatayama+2.081