GT Super Series

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GT Super Series
GT Super Series.png
Category Sportscars
Country/Region Worldwide
Founder(s) WMS Group
Inaugural Season 2016
Tyre supplier(s) Dunlop Icon.png
Michelin Icon.png
Pirelli Icon.png
Falken Icon.png
Driver's Champion Flag of the United States svg.png Chris Winter
Flag of Iceland svg.png Einar Armannsson
Team's Champion Flag of Italy svg.png Racing Team Solvalou
Motorsport current event.svg.png Current season

The GT Super Series, commonly called the GTSS, is a sports car racing series founded in 2016 by the World MotorSports Group as the GT-Rejects World Championship. It features grand tourer racing cars modified from production road cars and complying to GTM regulations.


The GT-R WC hosts 2 hour endurance races held on international circuits such as Laguna Seca and Sepang, with the last race of the season being the premier event on the calender lasting an extra hour and inviting one-off entries in cars built to GT2 regulations, called the Super GP. There are two main classes, which are divided by how a manufacture supports each team, with the factory backed teams battling to score points in the Manufacturer's Trophy. Teams who do not have direct support are able to score in the Independents Trophy while all drivers and teams are eligible to score in the Drivers and Teams trophies respectively.