Ferrari Dominates In Wet Soviet Grand Prix

127Ayrton SennaFerrari1:11:015
22Jeremy-Etienne VoecklerMcLaren-Honda1:11:222
31Gerhard BergerMcLaren-Honda1:13:493
428Alain ProstFerrari1:13:618
518Chris DagnallArrows-Zakspeed1:15:030
626Riccardo PatreseLigier-Judd1:15:390
717Brendon CassidyArrows-Zakspeed1:15:613
824Frederic-Maxime VoecklerMinardi-Ford1:15:941
93Martin BrundleTyrrell-Ford1:16:011
1010Valentino NicchiZakspeed1:16:223
1114Philippe StreiffAGS-Ford1:16:223
1223Pierluigi MartiniMinardi-Ford1:16:299
1315Alex CaffiAGS-Ford1:16:588
1429Harvey JonesLola-Ford1:16:838
1512Derek WarwickLotus-Ford1:16:968
1625Rene ArnouxLigier-Judd1:17:085
1711Guillaume GauthierLotus-Ford1:17:182
1820Michele AlboretoBenetton-Ford1:17:508
195Emerson FittipaldiWilliams-Honda1:17:869
209Alessandro NanniniZakspeed1:17:914
2119Thierry BoutsenBenetton-Ford1:18:159
226Kazuki FushidaWilliams-Honda1:18:661
234Jonathan PalmerTyrrell-Ford1:19:230
2422Stefano ModenaOsella1:19:445
2530Isabella NorikoLola-Ford1:19:686
2631Roberto MorenoColoni-Ford1:19:908
DNQ21Nicola LariniOsella1:20:587
DNQ32Gabriele TarquiniColoni-Ford1:22:629

Martin Brundle was not even close to being the only one with issues.

After quite some time without a Soviet Grand Prix, the dubious GP finally made it’s return, this time on the Bikernieki Circuit. The weekend wasn’t a nice one in terms of weather, as the heavy rain in qualifying proved. Many drivers struggled to adapt to the wet conditions, incluiding both Williams-Honda drivers.

The race still had rain, though not to the same extent as before, but with undoubtably the same amount of mistakes, as driver through driver made mistakes. The leader and the dominant force of that race, Jeremy-Etienne Voeckler, was one of those drivers, as a very forced spin made him stuck in a gravel trap, therefore retiring from the race.

Other noteworthy mentions include Riccardo Patrese, who spun out no less than two times and went from 8th to 15th in the process and Jonathan Palmer, who went from 6th to 10th as he ran wide while entering the pits and also crashed into the wall losing his front wing, though he was able to mantain his 10th place in the latter.

Ferrari then were left to dominate the entire race, as Senna lapped everyone in the field. Prost hold off a 2nd into a 1-2 for Ferrari, and the last place in the podium goes to Chris Dagnall, who had a superb race without any mistakes.

Other highlights include the first points for Frederic-Maxime Voeckler, Harvey Jones punching the Lola above its weight to an amazing 12th place, as well as Philippe Streiff, who was 11th in a clean race for AGS. Fushida was extremely error-prone like the rest of the drivers, and he couldn’t manage better than 14th.

127Ayrton SennaFerrari1h 46m 30.258
228Alain ProstFerrari-1 Lap
318Chris DagnallArrows-Zakspeed-1 Lap
41Gerhard BergerMcLaren-Honda-1 Lap
524Frederic-Maxime VoecklerMinardi-Ford-3 Laps
65Emerson FittipaldiWilliams-Honda-4 Laps
717Brendon CassidyArrows-Zakspeed-4 Laps
810Valentino NicchiZakspeed-4 Laps
912Derek WarwickLotus-Ford-4 Laps
103Martin BrundleTyrrell-Ford-4 Laps
1114Philippe StreiffAGS-Ford-5 Laps
1229Harvey JonesLola-Ford-5 Laps
1320Michele AlboretoBenetton-Ford-5 Laps
146Kazuki FushidaWilliams-Honda-5 Laps
1526Riccardo PatreseLigier-Judd-6 Laps
1630Isabella NorikoLola-Ford-8 Laps
1723Pierluigi MartiniMinardi-FordEngine
1831Roberto MorenoColoni-FordEngine
1925Rene ArnouxLigier-JuddLoose Wheel
204Jonathan PalmerTyrrell-FordWater Leak
2122Stefano ModenaOsellaDidn't Finish
229Alessandro NanniniZakspeedPuncture
2311Guillaume GauthierLotus-FordDidn't Finish
242Jeremy-Etienne VoecklerMcLaren-HondaDidn't Finish
2515Alex CaffiAGS-FordTransmission
2619Thierry BoutsenBenetton-FordPuncture

Fastest Lap: Ayrton Senna – 1:10:541

Infinite Improbability Drive of The Race – Chris Dagnall, flawless drive in the wet

Reject of The Race – Everyone outside the Top 4. All drivers were struggling like amateurs on the wet surface.