Energy Mismanagement Costs ROOKIE Racing Win, Vettel Lucky Again


139Sho TsuboiROOKIE-Toyota1:12.8791:11.716
288Robert KubicaROOKIE-Toyota1:12.8301:11.806+0.090
320Kevin MagnussenToyota1:12.7941:12.026+0.310
47Charles LeclercSauber-Toyota1:13.1351:12.216+0.500
557Dean StonemanMcEwan-Mercedes1:13.0001:12.249+0.533
694Pascal WehrleinToyota1:13.0971:12.292+0.576
763George RussellMcEwan-Mercedes1:13.0791:12.349+0.633
860Ritomo MiyataSauber-Toyota1:13.5311:12.389+0.673
94Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes1:13.4421:12.483+0.767
1055Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes1:13.5291:12.604+0.888
1147Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd1:14.0051:12.742+1.026
1218Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:14.1111:13.091+1.375
1356Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW1:14.2811:13.353+1.637
1423Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1:14.5831:13.357+1.641
151Victoria DesaiFerrari1:14.5491:13.579+1.863
1610Alessio LorandiFerrari1:14.5801:13.881+2.165
1733Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1:14.9401:13.887+2.171
1826Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1:14.8301:13.889+2.173
1929Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1:15.2021:13.927+2.211
2070Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Ferrari1:14.8041:13.971+2.255
2195Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1:15.2171:14.144+2.428
2281Malik ZidanLoonmotor-Judd1:15.3411:14.276+2.560
2398Colton HertaAndretti-Ferrari1:15.2481:14.280+2.564
2480Raven RothAndretti-Ferrari1:15.5651:14.406+2.690
2511Terry HawkinFAST-BMW1:15.7391:14.850+3.134
2621Théo PourchaireFAST-BMW1:16.2151:15.196+3.480


Kevin Magnussen going airborne after contact with his teammate was just the beginning of the madness in Cyprus.
One of the amazing traits of motorsport is that it is explicitly designed to push man and machinery to the breaking point. This occasionally results in some odd results and this year’s Cyprus Grand Prix will be remembered as one of those oddities.

The race began with a major crash caused by Pascal Wehrlein leaving his teammate no room. Despite going airborne, Kevin Magnussen’s car proved stable enough to tank that impact. George Russell proved not so lucky, the first retirement.

After that, the race was a stable affair out front, as the two ROOKIE Racing cars had the edge. In the midfield, drivers starting down the order like Jules Bianchi and Lando Norris embarrassed themselves in wheel-to-wheel racing.

Then came the drama: on the final lap, team radio lit up as many teams told their drivers to desperately save energy. One of the few drivers not hampered was Sebastian Vettel, who flew by both Ármannsson and Tsuboi for his third win of the year.


118Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd40:32.3901210
256Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW+1.095138
339Sho TsuboiROOKIE-Toyota+5.10917
41Victoria DesaiFerrari+11.019155
588Robert KubicaROOKIE-Toyota+17.76024
633Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari+24.815173
729Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari+26.624192
826Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari+27.193181
994Pascal WehrleinToyota+27.6836
1070Pastor MaldonadoWilliams-Ferrari+28.51720
1198Colton HertaAndretti-Ferrari+34.37923
1260Ritomo MiyataSauber-Toyota+44.4768
1380Raven RothAndretti-Ferrari+53.55724
1457Dean StonemanMcEwan-Mercedes+81.8555
1520Kevin MagnussenToyota+93.7563
1681Malik ZidanLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap22
1795Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap21
1855Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes1 Lap10
Ret47Lando NorrisCaterham-JuddTransmission3
Ret10Alessio LorandiFerrariCollision19
Ret23Jules BianchiMRT-BMWMotor14
Ret11Terry HawkinFAST-BMWMotor25
Ret7Charles LeclercSauber-ToyotaLoose Wheel4
Ret4Robin FrijnsDawson-MercedesMotor9
Ret21Théo PourchaireFAST-BMWTransmission26
Ret63George RussellMcEwan-MercedesCollision7

Fastest Lap:

Sebastian Vettel – 1:11.852

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Charles Leclerc – would have finished in the top 5 if not for a technical problem.

Reject Of The Race:

Energy Management – while it is unclear who is responsible for this embarrassment, it was not the best look for motorsport.