Alexander Albon Takes Ferrari’s First Victory in Bahrain Since 2013


194Pascal WehrleinPrecision-Mercedes1:37.9431:37.557
257Dean StonemanPrecision-Mercedes1:37.8631:37.859+0.302
31Artem MarkelovBR Mansell-Toyota1:38.7081:38.523+0.966
437Victoria DesaiFerrari1:38.5981:38.710+1.041
523Alexander AlbonFerrari1:38.6801:38.834+1.123
639Sho TsuboiBR Mansell-Toyota1:38.9161:38.709+1.152
733Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari1:39.0591:38.714+1.157
829Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari1:38.7511:39.688+1.194
920Kevin MagnussenToyota1:38.9581:38.836+1.279
1077Valtteri BottasToyota1:38.9941:38.876+1.319
1170Sérgio Sette CâmaraWilliams-Ferrari1:39.2781:38.995+1.438
1247Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd1:39.4431:39.107+1.550
1318Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:39.1351:39.648+1.578
1426Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-Ferrari1:39.3291:39.302+1.745
1511Terry HawkinFAST-BMW1:40.8071:40.793+3.236
1631Esteban OconFAST-BMW1:41.2561:41.150+3.593
1723Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1:41.6281:41.459+3.902
194Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes1:41.8291:41.622+4.065
1855Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes1:41.7501:41.624+4.067
2056Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMW1:41.8401:41.652+4.095
2195Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1:42.1881:42.039+4.482
227Charles LeclercSauber-Judd1:43.2941:43.112+5.555
2346Alessandro CicognaniLoonmotor-Judd1:43.5031:44.056+5.946
2484Jack AitkenSauber-Judd1:44.4051:44.433+6.848


Emotions at Ferrari ran hot after Victoria Desai and Alexander Albon dueled into turn 1; yet they got a valuable 1-2.
The main story going away from the Bahrain Grand Prix will be the relationship between the Ferrari teammates. Despite a 1-2 finish, the team’s first win in Bahrain for almost a decade, a first-lap incident between the two was what was on everyone’s lips.

Alexander Albon will not really care, he becomes the first driver this season to win multiple Grands Prix and takes the championship lead to Limassol. Victoria Desai in second took her second second place in a row, so all in all she could be happy with events as well.

The Ferrari-powered teams were mostly unstoppable, but the Ferrari-build gearboxes for Williams broke down, preventing a theoretical 1-2-3-4-5-6 finish for cars with Ferrari motors. Sebastian Vettel was left to secure fifth place, the best he could have hoped for.

A team clearly struggling was Precision, they were out of contention for points even before the first half dozen of laps were ran. BR Mansell once more did not get the scores they want, Markelov suffering a technical issue and Tsuboi losing one point with a late error.


123Alexander AlbonFerrari60:53.58115
237Victoria DesaiFerrari+2.54112
329Roger IbeRed Bull-Ferrari+11.36110
433Max VerstappenRed Bull-Ferrari+17.5678
518Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+28.3376
647Lando NorrisCaterham-Judd+33.3005
720Kevin MagnussenToyota+61.8904
811Terry HawkinFAST-BMW+80.9613
939Sho TsuboiMansell-Mercedes+92.0682
1014Esteban OconFAST-BMW+96.4261
1123Jules BianchiMRT-BMW1 Lap
1295Beitske VisserLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap
1394Pascal WehrleinPrecision-Mercedes1 Lap
1446Alessandro CicognaniLoonmotor-Judd1 Lap
1557Dean StonemanPrecision-Mercedes1 Lap
1685Jack AitkenSauber-Judd2 Laps
174Robin FrijnsDawson-Mercedes3 Laps
1855Carlos Sainz, Jr.Dawson-Mercedes4 Laps
1970Sérgio Sette CâmaraWilliams-FerrariTransmission
DNF1Artem MarkelovBR Mansell-ToyotaOil Leak
DNF7Charles LeclercSauber-JuddOil Leak
DNF56Einar ÁrmannssonMRT-BMWMotor
DNF26Robert ShwartzmanWilliams-FerrariTransmission
DNF77Valtteri BottasToyotaTransmission

Fastest Lap:

Victoria Desai – 1:41.873

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Beitske Visser – the young lady proves her immense talent in the Loonmotor.

Reject Of The Race:

Lando Norris – random accident right as the race ends is not what he needs to recover from his previous race-altering mistakes.