Llosa Takes Nürburgring Pole Position

Ricardo Llosa took his second pole position of the year in the qualifying session for the GT-R WC Round of Germany at the Nürburgring.

The defending World Driver’s Co-Champion took the pole late in the session from the early pace setter in Stefan Kuntz. The time from the Spaniard would stand after Kuntz and third place starting Denis van Walwijk both did one final qualifying lap right at the end of the session.

The highest starting Independent runner would be the Pre-Qualifying winner from Friday in Asim Adhikari, who had the third fastest time early in the session before van Walwijk and Pagani driver Frank Zimmer clear track to put in their fastest times.

The lone yellow flag in the session happened when Diego Mauricio Batistuta spun at Kumho-Kurve on his second flying lap after clipping the grass on corner entry.

11MRicardo LlosaUnion Saver01:52.39
22MStefan KuntzSolvalou+0:00.13
327MDenis van WalwijkVittore+0:00.30
462MFrank ZimmerRosenforth+0:00.37
541IAsim AdhikariBest In The World+0:00.56
619MFabian ReiGerald Pereria+0:00.58
731MPieter KickertRosenforth+0:00.62
828MAlexandre-Laurent VoecklerVittore+0:00.68
939IJosé Pablo MazzacaneKjellerup+0:00.71
105IGia Van DyckeBelgio+0:00.73
113MRafael ModenaDelacroix-Serrano+0:00.97
1273ITom DouglasJLD+0:00.99
1320MShane SparksGerald Pereria+0:01.00
1411IAnita HorfordBest In The World+0:01.01
1512IJohn MagnusAeroracing+0:01.09
1692IPaul JenkinsGlobex Scorpio+0:01.13
172MKarl Lichter ShultzUnion Saver+0:01.19
183MAntonio FazioSolvalou+0:01.25
1951IQuentin BispingEuromotor International+0:01.33
2040IMattias KjellerupKjellerup+0:01.34
214MGiovanni RodaDelacroix-Serrano+0:01.41
2291INikolas HirvonenGlobex Scorpio+0:01.42
2377INathan ScottMinarae+0:01.47
247ILeandro MoreiraPulsar+0:01.52
256IRoland DavidsonGulf+0:01.62
2687IDiego Mauricio BatistutaJLD+0:01.72
2718IChiara RossiICE-3+0:01.74
2851IDawn GrangerEuromotor International+0:02.07
2997IAlexi MelvanovChris Short+0:02.16
3055ISam WintonWinton+0:02.37