2020 Russian Formula 4 season

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2020 Russian F4
Races 6
Start date 26th April
End date 27th November
Drivers' champion Season Yet To Start
Previous season Next season
None 2021
Flag of the United Kingdom and Ireland.png Anglo-Irish F4
Flag of Italy svg.png Italian F4
Flag of Anglo America svg.png North American F4
Flag of UNASUR.svg.png South American F4
Flag of Japan svg.png Asian F4

The 2020 Russian Formula 4 season was the first season of the Russian Formula 4 championship, a series aimed at promoting young talent across Russia and Eastern Europe.

Teams and drivers

All teams used the Mygale F4 chassis partnered with the hydrogen fuel cell GAZ-Porsche engine.

Team # Driver Rounds
Flag of Russia svg.png SMP Racing 2 Flag of Ukraine svg.png Vladimir Smolychenko TBA
7 Flag of Russia svg.png Boris Stepanov TBA
11 Flag of Finland svg.png Natanael Savolainen TBA
16 Flag of Estonia svg.png Martin Liiv TBA
Flag of Russia svg.png B-Tuning Pro Racing Team 21 Flag of Russia svg.png Vladimir Vasiliev TBA
22 Flag of Belarus svg.png Alyaksandr Scherbitskiy TBA
23 Flag of Russia svg.png Aleksandr Mikhailov TBA
24 Flag of Russia svg.png Vladislav Lavrentyev TBA
Flag of Russia svg.png Best In The World Sverdlovsk Oblast 30 Flag of Russia svg.png Viktor Min TBA
33 Flag of Russia svg.png Nikodim Smotrov TBA
38 Flag of Russia svg.png Svetlana Domracheva TBA
41 Flag of Russia svg.png Kirill Isotov TBA
Flag of Russia svg.png NEFIS Racing Division 44 Flag of Kazakhstan svg.png Kerim Akhmetov TBA
58 Flag of Russia svg.png Dmitriy Smerdyakov TBA
72 Flag of Norway svg.png Lukas Sohlberg TBA
86 Flag of Russia svg.png Olga Timofeeva TBA

Race Calendar

# Circuit Date Winning driver
1 Flag of Turkey svg.png Istanbul Park: Seeding round 26 April
# Circuit Date Progressing Drivers
2 Flag of Russia svg.png Smolensk Ring: Round of 16 17 May
3 Flag of Russia svg.png NRING Circuit: Wildcard round 21 June
4 Flag of Russia svg.png Irkutsk Speedway: Quarter-finals 26 July
5 Flag of Russia svg.png Moscow Raceway: Semi-finals 16 August
# Circuit Date Winning driver
6 Flag of Russia svg.png Kazan Ring: Finals 27 September

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