Bianchi Makes Crucial Error, Sauber and Maldonado Win


163Diego Álvarez TorrentePrecision-Mercedes1:30.029
262Jules BianchiPrecision-Mercedes1:30.105
329Pastor MaldonadoSauber-Judd1:30.190
430Dean StonemanSauber-Judd1:30.314
52Lewis HamiltonCaterham-Judd1:30.642
61Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:30.645
734Valtteri BottasTheodore-Judd1:30.906
833Einar ÁrmannssonTheodore-Judd1:31.246
927Dave CassidyFerrari1:31.459
1024Kevin MagnussenFAST-Mercedes1:31.577
1128Daniel MelroseFerrari1:32.159
1266Pascal WehrleinRed Bull-Ferrari1:32.162
1323Pierre GaslyFAST-Mercedes1:32.203
1422Jordan DaviesHaas-Judd1:32.240
1521J. R. HildebrandHaas-Judd1:32.407
16118Carlos Sainz JrDawson-Mercedes1:32.516
17119Felix RosenqvistDawson-Mercedes1:32.652
1855Artem MarkelovMansell-Mercedes1:32.952
1967Mike RockenfellerRed Bull-Ferrari1:33.043
205Marvin KirchhöferWilliams-Mercedes1:33.089
2190Daniel RicciardoCalinetic-Judd1:33.097
2291Max VerstappenCalinetic-Judd1:33.113
236Santiago UrrutiaWilliams-Mercedes1:33.226
2456Sergey SirotkinMansell-Mercedes1:33.454


Looking at his stricken Precision, Jules Bianchi sees his title dreams dying a gruesome death.

F1 was rocked by the controversial withdrawal of Holden, leaving the grid with 24 cars for the first time since the 2009 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. However, Dawson and Calinetic both proved their eagerness to compete by quickly arranging for different engines with the help of new FOM chairman Lunardi.

Their new engines did not really hinder them from being competitive by their standards, a very impressive feat of engineering that cannot possibly be praised enough. Both Calinetic and Dawson got a top 20 finish.

At the front, the race looked like it was Jules Bianchi’s to lose. Lose it, he did: an unprovoked error on his way to the first pitstop saw him hit the barrier and cause irreparable damage to his rear right suspension, an error that could very well spell doom to any hopes he had of becoming world champion.

Pastor Maldonado inherited the lead and kept his cool despite a late charge by the other Precision driver, taking his 9th win of this year’s Formula One season. This means he returns to the championship lead as well.


129Pastor MaldonadoSauber-Judd46:25.73515
263Diego Álvarez TorrentePrecision-Mercedes+2.77212
330Dean StonemanSauber-Judd+7.60910
42Lewis HamiltonCaterham-Judd+12.6008
51Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+21.2646
634Valtteri BottasTheodore-Judd+22.3375
733Einar ÁrmannssonTheodore-Judd+30.5744
827Dave CassidyFerrari+37.6473
928Daniel MelroseFerrari+39.5982
1066Pascal WehrleinRed Bull-Ferrari+57.0741
1124Kevin MagnussenFAST-Mercedes+59.0270
1222Jordan DaviesHaas-Judd+65.4860
1323Pierre GaslyFAST-Mercedes+65.9320
1421J. R. HildebrandHaas-Judd+72.7700
1555Artem MarkelovMansell-Mercedes+82.6480
1667Mike RockenfellerRed Bull-Ferrari+87.2300
175Marvin KirchhöferWilliams-Mercedes+90.6060
1890Daniel RicciardoCalinetic-Judd+92.3620
19118Carlos Sainz JrDawson-Mercedes1 Lap0
2056Sergey SirotkinMansell-Mercedes1 Lap0
216Santiago UrrutiaWilliams-MercedesTransmission0
DNF119Felix RosenqvistDawson-MercedesAccident0
DNF62Jules BianchiPrecision-MercedesAccident0
DNF91Max VerstappenCalinetic-JuddCollision0

Fastest Lap:

Diego Álvarez Torrente – 1:31.189

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Pascal Wehrlein – this point could very well have decided the battle of Red Bull against Mansell.

Reject Of The Race:

Jules Bianchi – he had the race won and decided to throw it all away.