2015 F1RWRS Monaco Grand Prix

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Flag of Monaco svg.png 2015 Monaco Grand Prix
Race 4 of 16 in the 2015 F1RWRS season
Date April 12, 2015
Official Name III Monaco Grand Prix
Location Circuit de Monaco
Course 3.340 km (2.075 mi)
Distance 96 Laps
Weather Dry
Pole Position
Driver Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Pippa Mann Foxdale-Renault
Time 1:22.131
Fastest Lap
Driver Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Mark Dagnall DGNgineering-Chrysler
Time 1:23.456
First Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Mark Dagnall DGNgineering-Chrysler
Second Flag of Belgium svg.png Thomas De Bock Gillet-Gillet
Third Flag of Italy svg.png Rosco Vantini Jones-Ford

The 2015 Monaco Grand Prix was held at the Circuit de Monaco in Monte Carlo, Monaco. It was won by Mark Dagnall, who took the lead of the Drivers' Championship as main challenger Rhys Davies finished fourth.


Ben Fleet took the best time for Scuderia Alitalia, setting a 1:23.298. Teammate David Koczo took second and Alitalia moved on to the next session. Mecha Grand Prix and Boxtel also moved on, with Jean-Luc Schiller placing fourth and the Boxtel drivers of Spencer and Battani took 7th and 11th respectively. Hagane Shizuka, who placed third, did not advance as his teammate Marie Simon was 13th. Daniel Melrose did not pre-qualify and left the team shortly after the weekend.


Pippa Mann took pole position ahead of Martin McFry. The Stig placed third, Ron Mignolet placed fourth, and Mirko Bosevic placed fifth. David Neuberg in the Kingfisher placed 6th on the grid. Dagnall, Rhys Davies, and Nicolas were 10th to 12th respectively. Both Mechas qualified for their first race of the season. Nathanael Spencer and Poppy Whitechapel did not qualify, with Spencer being benched for three races in favour of Jari Kekkonen, and Whitechapel leaving HRT and being replaced by Melrose. Shinobu Katayama did not do well, qualifying 24th on her return to Sunshine.


McFry took the lead early in the race but retired on Lap 3, handing over the lead to Pippa Mann. Then Pippa's car also retired, giving the battle for the lead between Mark Dagnall and The Stig, which Dagnall set the pace with a two-stop strategy over The Stig's three. Bosevic was running well in second place for most of the race until his car had a water leak and retired with eight laps to go, handing second to Thomas De Bock, who was having a relatively quiet weekend. Meanwhile, Vantini nicely placed in third, Rhys Davies had a quiet race placing fourth, Barii Mori miraculously finished the race, placing fifth while doing so, and Frank Zimmer also did well placing sixth, giving HRT a much needed point.

Meanwhile, Aurelien Moll and Sammy Jones were nowhere to be seen (the later finishing behind Mecha Grand Prix driver Steven Mackintosh, while Watkinson and Al Faisal (who barely escaped not qualifying) were clumsy, and Shinobu Katayama was just miserable. After more rift with the team, she left Sunshine after the race and joined Revolution instead. This was latter followed by fellow female driver Poppy Whitechapel after her disappoinments at Holden. Melrose also decided to leave Simpson Motorsports (amidist rumors that he was fired from the team) and joined HRT, replacing Whitechapel.



  • Bold text indicates who still has a theoretical chance of becoming World Champion.

Drivers' Championship

Pos Driver Pts
1 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Mark Dagnall 26
2 Flag of Australia svg.png Rhys Davies 23
3 Flag of Italy svg.png Rosco Vantini 13
4 Flag of Belgium svg.png Thomas De Bock 11
5 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Sammy Jones 7

Constructors' Championship

Pos Team Pts
1 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png DGN-Chrysler 30
2 Flag of Australia svg.png/Flag of Germany svg.png MRT-BMW 29
3 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jones-Ford 20
4 Flag of Belgium svg.png Gillet ENB 13
5 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Aeroracing-Audi 4
  • Note: Only the top five positions are included for both sets of standings.
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