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HURT Racing (Highly Untalented Rejects Racing) was a Australian team that competed in the Life Grand Prix Series and the Rejects-1 World Championship.

Life GP Series

Initially a reject team in the Life series, featuring such backmarkers as Joe Bloggs and Bazza the Bogan, the team eventually became more competitive after it was partially bought out by Australian pay driver Will Roberts, who gave the team its first podium in the US West Grand Prix of 1991, before scoring 4 podiums in the 1992 season en route to a 6th place championship finish. In 1993 however he only managed one 3rd place finish and missed several races due to injury, where he was replaced by Joe Gaera.

Rejects-1 World Championship

For 1994 (the first Rejects-1 season) Roberts retired (while still maintaining a 50% stake in the team) and was replaced by New Zealander Sam Pritchard. Driving a Zakspeed 891, he brought the team its first win in the 1994 Italian Grand Prix, although he only managed one more 3rd place finish after failing to finish 13 of the season's 17 races. In 1995 he brought the team its first pole position in the French Grand Prix, and also managed to score 2 fastest laps. However he only managed 2 podium finishes, mostly due to dropping out in 12 of the 17 races. For 1996 Pritchard managed to finish around half the races but again he failed to win a race.