2019 SEAT Leon Supercopa season

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2019 SEAT Leon Supercopa
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The 2019 SEAT Leon Supercopa will be the second season of the championship.

Teams and drivers

Team # Driver(s) Rounds
Flag of Italy svg.png Scuderia Vittore 0 Flag of Peru svg.png Angel Jose Castañeda 1-
7 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Scott Marsden 1-
Flag of Germany svg.png ZAR Junior Team 3 Flag of Venezuela svg.png Sofia Bonaventura 1-
23 Flag of New Zealand svg.png Kaitlyn Harris 1-
Flag of Spain svg.png Movistar Álvarez Competición 19 Flag of Switzerland svg.png Thibault Stadelmann 1-
20 Flag of Spain svg.png Mateo Rosa 1-
Flag of Italy svg.png Trueba Primavera 24 Flag of Austria svg.png Jochen Markö 1-
28 Flag of Macau svg.png Adilmar Caetano Xairim 1-
Flag of Austria svg.png Union Saver Developments 25 Flag of the Dominican Republic svg.png Mauricio Cueva 1-
26 Flag of South Korea svg.png Shoi-Jun Seo 1-
Flag of France svg.png Équipe Fantomette 44 Flag of Kenya svg.png Elisa Jama Yattae 1-
# Flag of Romania svg.png Constantin Florescu 1-
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Go Kart Planet 51 Flag of Mongolia svg.png Khungirat Molotov Khünbish 1-
98 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Shane Atkinson 1-
Flag of England svg.png Cardel Racing United 87 Flag of Italy svg.png Francesco de Crescenzo 1-
Flag of Germany svg.png Blokkmonsta Motorsport 91 Flag of Norway svg.png Torolf Siggurdsson 1-
92 Flag of Mexico svg.png Ernesto Raya 1-
Flag of Catalonia.svg.png Equip de SEAT Catalunya 99 Flag of Catalonia.svg.png Guillem Llobet 1-
100 Flag of Catalonia.svg.png Jordi Bruguera 1-

Season Calendar

Championship races

Round Date Race Track Pole position Fastest lap Winning driver Winning team