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[[Category:Real-life drivers]]
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Jean-Pierre Alain Jabouille (born 1st October, 1942 in Paris, France) is a French former racing driver and engineer most famous for his appearances in Formula One.

Formula One

1977-: Renault

After several years in Formula Two with Renault, Jabouille was the natural choice to lead the French manufacturer into the world championship. Jabouille would be joined by fellow Frenchman Jean-Pierre Jarier - whom had also spent the year in F2 with Renault after missing out in 1976.

Being a new team, Renault were forced to take part in pre-qualifying but being a well-funded and developed team they were a class above most of the fellow competitors in this regard. Reliability for the turbo-engineed Renault would be a constant bother for the pair - with Jabouille frequently retiring from the races.