Rohnstock Defies Llosa in Q Race Win

Blokkmonsta Motorsport driver Michael Rohnstock claimed the pole position for Sunday’s feature race after passing Ricardo Llosa on his way to winning the Qualifying Race for the Macau Touring Masters.

The German would complete two textbook passes on front row starting Li Qi and Llosa on laps 2 and 5 respectively at Lisboa after maintaining his third position at the start. Ricardo Llosa would put up a fight in a attempt to sweep the weekend, which was immediately indicated with a late chop on Rohnstock as he went by for the lead. Rohnstock would not sir-come to the pressure and by the end would start to build a gap with the Spaniard using the best of his tires earlier in the attack. The pair would make up the first row of the grid for the 15 lap Feature Race.

Rounding out the podium on Saturday would be Plus One driver Denis van Walwijk, who took advantage of Li Qi’s relative lack of race pace on new tires and passed the RFM driver at Lisboa a lap after Rohnstock did the same move on the former Formula 1 driver. The Chinese driver would hold off Jasper Lerby late in the race to prevent as much damage as possible, she will be starting Fourth on Sunday.

The only major incident during the race was a spin by second Union Saver driver Shin Ramirez; after climbing to eleventh position at the start, he would have a spin at Lisboa after a unsuccessful pass on Andoni Garrido and would drop back down the field.

Jones continued to struggle in the Qualifying Race, with Stefan Kuntz only managing to make it up to fifteenth after a conservative start, with multi-time RTCC champion Paul Jenkins dropping a few positions to other cars rising through the field.

Race Results – After 10 Laps

177Michael RohnstockBlokkmonsta - Mitsubishi25:30.29
22Ricardo LlosaUnion Saver - Chevrolet+0:01.77
37Denis van WalwijkPlus One - Toyota+0:02.51
430Li QiRFM - Ford+0:03.63
557Jasper LerbyMacmillian - Toyota+0:03.82
616Pieter KickertKickert - Toyota+0:05.53
756Darren Older JrMacmillian - Toyota+0:05.96
822Carl JordanKiwi - Mitsubishi+0:09.83
974Cecep SugihartoSentinel - Mitsubishi+0:10.29
1019Koyomi SetouYanagawa - Mitsubishi+0:14.39
1112Andoni GarridoAeroracing - Chevrolet+0:15.53
1220Laurent CouteauYanagawa - Mitsubishi+0:17.55
1311Phoenix McAllisterAeroracing - Chevrolet+0:18.10
146Darren CardelPlus One - Toyota+0:19.67
155Paul JenkinsJones - Ford+0:22.26
163Shin RamirezUnion Saver - Chevrolet+0:22.83
1744Keith RemediosEuromotor - Ford+0:22.97
184Stefan KuntzJones - Ford+0:23.37
1926John BovyCR - Mitsubishi+0:23.96
2069Tomo KazamaLuxray - Mitsubishi+0:24.89
2121Tomasz GabrysiakGil Ballard - Ford+0:25.69
2223Julian ClarkPeak - Toyota+0:26.65
2331Yu HaoRFM - Ford+0:27.98
2442Pedro RenalesValerian - Ford+0:29.05

Fastest Lap – Car 7 (Denis van Walwijk – Plus One Toyota) – 2:28.975