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{{{year}}} {{{series}}} season
Races {{{races}}}
Start date {{{start_date}}}
Start Event {{{start_event}}}
End date {{{end_date}}}
End Event {{{end_event}}}
Drivers' champion {{{season_champ}}}
Team's Champion {{{team_champ}}}
Independent's Champion {{{ind_champ}}}
Manufacturer's Champion {{{man_champ}}}
Class A Champion {{{Class_A}}}
Class B Champion {{{Class_B}}}
Class C Champion {{{Class_C}}}
Class D Champion {{{Class_D}}}
Reject of the Year {{{ROTY}}}
Previous season Next season
{{{previous}}} {{{next}}}

All credit to Biscione for creating the F4 template this one is based on.