Larsen Racing System

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Flag of Sweden svg.pngLRS
Full Name Larsen Racing System
Base Anderstorp Raceway, Sweden
Founder(s) Flag of Sweden svg.pngBjörn Larsen
Team Principal(s) 1989-1997
Flag of Sweden svg.pngBjörn Larsen
Flag of Sweden svg.png Andreas Larsen
Technical Director
Current Drivers Group B Rallycross
Opel by Larsen Racing System
Flag of Denmark svg.png 4.Christian Poulsen
Flag of France svg.png 40.Jean-Philippe Fournier
Flag of Brazil svg.png 400.Pedro Poole
LRS Junior Team
Flag of Sweden svg.png 44.Wilhelm Lax
Flag of Sweden svg.png 404.Andreas Larsen
Touring Car World Series
Flag of Sweden svg.pngAron Kagstrom
Other Noted Drivers Flag of Sweden svg.png Slim Borgudd
Debut 1989 WTCM Round 1
Races 19
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 0
Points 75
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0

Larsen Racing System (shortened to LRS) was a Swedish racing team founded by former works Saab WSRC driver Björn Larsen to enter the WTCM touring car series in 1989. It initially ran Larsen's then-21yr old son, Andreas in the series, running a privately entered Volvo 240 Turbo.

After initial success in its debut season, winning the 1989 WTCM Independent's Championship with Slim Borgudd, (with Larsen 5th in the final standings) with a highlight being a 7th place overall finish at Bathurst, the team continued to run primarily Scandinavian drivers in various international touring car series throughout the 1990s, becoming a well-established privateer outfit for both Volvo and Opel at times.

By 2019, it has expanded into a number of series, including the new Touring Car World Series as Volvo's works team, and as "Opel by Larsen Racing System" running the eponymous German manufacturer's team in Group B Rallycross.