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Frank Leonard Kleinig (born 10 November 1911, died 27 May 1976) was an Australian racing driver. A regular local driver in Australia and New Zealand, Kleinig scored the odd notable result in local races. In 1950, Jacques de Rham's Scuderia Maremmana hired him to compete in the Indianapolis 500, much to the surprise of the established names in the paddock. Kleinig was not as slow as many expected, but he failed to qualify for the race nonetheless, and never raced at this high a level again. Kleinig raced until 1963, after which he retired. His son, also called Frank Kleinig, was also a racing driver.

Complete Alternative Formula One results

Year Entrant Chassis Engine 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 WDC Points
1950 Scuderia Maremmana Deidt Tuffanelli Derrico Jaguar XK 3.4 GBR MON 500