Formula 2 Rejects World Race Series

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Inaugural Season 2014
Last season 2017
Engine supplier(s) Holden, Lancia, BMW, Aston Martin, Ford
Tyre supplier(s) Michelin, Bridgestone

The Formula 2 Rejects World Race Series was a feeder series to the F1RWRS with the first series being the 2014 season. The creation of the series was done mostly by MRT owner Daniel Melrose and his business partner Don Rennis to help promote young talent into the F1RWRS.


The beginning

With the influx of drivers into the F1RWRS from all around the world, there were fears from several prominent members of the paddock that there wouldn't be enough opportunities for drivers to make their name in the F1RWRS. Daniel Melrose in particular was worried about this growing problem, especially when he was one of the few team owners who actively pushed younger talent through with the likes of Jeroen Krautmeir, Phillippe Nicolas, Mitchell Macklin and Michael Robertson all around the world over the years as a team owner. He took it upon himself to help the F1RWRS commission to form a feeder category for the F1RWRS which will be run by former McLaren team boss Don Rennis.

22 cars from 11 teams lined up on the grid for the first ever race at the 2013 F2RWRS Indianapolis 100 which was eventually won by Belgian Wouter Lamberigts after a strategic battle between him, the two KitKat cars of Hansuke Shioya and Giconi Okorie, Macklin and Rosco Vantini.


Due to a more pronounced divide between F1 and F1RWRS, the FIA successfully sued the F1RWRS commission over their much-discussed naming conflict, and the latter series would have to undergo a name change if it was to continue operating. AutoReject International purchased the naming rights to F1RWRS, and the series became the lead competition of the AutoReject ladder under the guise of the AutoReject World Series.

F2RWRS and F3RWRS were now left without a parent series thanks to the departure of the ARWS, and seemed like they would perhaps go out of business. The FIA secured the rights to both series, and rebranded them to the FIA F2 World Championship and FIA F3 Eurasian Championship respectively.

List Of Champions


Season Driver Team Wins Podiums Points
2014 Flag of Australia svg.png Mitchell Macklin Flag of Australia svg.png/Flag of Germany svg.png Virgin MRT 5 10 93
2015 Flag of Japan svg.png Tomo Kazama Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Aston Martin 1 7 64
2016 Flag of Spain svg.png Diego Álvarez Torrente Flag of Poland svg.png Dofasco Lukoil Racing
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Plus One Racing Engineering
2 5 64
2017 Flag of the United States svg.png Dan Greenlaw Flag of France svg.png DSCity Voeckler 4 7 88


Season Team Drivers Wins Podiums Points
2014 Flag of Australia svg.png/Flag of Germany svg.png Virgin MRT Flag of Australia svg.png Mitchell Macklin
Flag of France svg.png Marie Simon
6 16 152
2015 Flag of Italy svg.png Scuderia Lancia Alitalia Flag of Slovakia svg.png Andrej Kremnicky
Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Bastiaan van Nieuwenhuijzen
Flag of Italy svg.png Marco Bizzarri
5 8 108
2016 Flag of Australia svg.png Gulf M/Power Racing Flag of Canada svg.png Luc Pellerin
Flag of Latvia svg.png Matthias Valsattis
Flag of Italy svg.png Alessandro Lucarelli
Flag of Canada svg.png Justin Case
Flag of Tropico svg.png Alberto Cara
4 5 77
2017 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png National Jones Ford Juniors Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Terry Hawkin
Flag of Finland svg.png Nick Nurmester
5 14 166