World Sprint Racing Championship

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World Sprint Racing Championship
WSRC logo.png
Category Sportscars, grand touring
Country/Region Worldwide
Founder(s) Unknown
Inaugural Season 1962
Last season 1970
Tyre supplier(s) Dunlop Icon.png
Goodyear Icon.png
Michelin Icon.png
Pirelli Icon.png
Motorsport current event.svg.png Current season

World Sprint Racing Championship was an international racing series which, compared to the endurance-minded World Sportscar Championship, concentrated on shorter grand touring races (usually around 150 kilometres). While generally adhering to the same FIA homologation rules as WSC, the series had more relaxed manufacturing requirements and sometimes allowed experimental prototypes to compete in the same class against series production cars. In general, any car that could easily run in street-legal form was allowed to race in one of the four categories defined by engine displacement.

The series came to an end after the 1970 season, as racing cars started to become more and more specialised compared to street cars.