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Hello everyone, AndreaModa here, I figured that as many people can find wiki code and various aspects of editing as quite daunting, we might as well make use of this page and have some handy hints for people to refer to if they get stuck when editing a page!

So we'll start off with just some basics that will even get dr-baker set to edit his own pages!

In order to edit any page on the wiki, you need to click on the "Edit" tab at the top of the page. It always appears just off-center to the right of every page, between the "Read" and "View history" tabs. Once on the editing page, a large box appears with the raw text that makes up the page. You then write what you want to add in that box, it couldn't be easier! There are lots of ways of making pages look more than just plain text though, ranging from simple links, bullet points and bold and italic text, up to complex tables, images and infoboxes. It's all detailed in the various help pages on here. Click on each one to learn how to carry out a particular action and you'll be a master in no time!

As a starter, for those new to wiki editing, visit this page to learn the basics of editing wiki pages: Help:Basics of Editing

Driver Pages

By far the most common pages that users will want to edit will be their own drivers' pages, so that's where we'll start. A typical driver page will feature a body of text describing the driver's racing career, perhaps personal life, and anything else the user would like to include. That is the main part of the page.

Many driver pages will also have fancy extras too however, such as an "infobox" which is the box containing all the driver's essential information and statistics, offering a quick summary of their career prior to the main article. On all pages the infobox will appear in the top right corner of the article.

Visit this page to learn how to create an infobox for your driver: Help:Creating Driver Infoboxes

As well as that, driver pages will also very likely include a table of results at the bottom of the page which gives a comprehensive reference to every result of that driver over their career in different categories. The results tables always appear at the bottom of a driver's profile.

Visit this page to learn how to create a results table for your driver: Help:Creating Driver Results Tables