FIA North American F4

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North American F4
Category Open-wheeler
Country/Region Flag of the United States svg.png United States of America
Flag of Canada svg.png Canada
Founder(s) Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)
Inaugural Season 2018
Engine supplier(s) Flag of Japan svg.png Honda
Tyre supplier(s) Bridgestone Icon.png
Driver's Champion Flag of Mexico svg.png Eduardo Anez
Motorsport current event.svg.png Current season

The FIA North American Formula 4 Championship, more commonly known as North American Formula 4, is the domestic entry level single-seater championship in the continent of North America. It follows the standards set by the FIA in regards to Formula 4.

List of Champions


Season Driver Team Wins Points
2018 Flag of the United States svg.png John Davis Flag of Spain svg.png Carrera Granada 4 136
2019 Flag of Mexico svg.png Eduardo Anez Flag of Canada svg.png Brian Andore Racing 7 163