FIA Formula 3

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Formula 3
Category Single-make open wheeler
Country/Region Worldwide
Founder(s) Various
Inaugural Season 2018 (Eurasia)
Last season Ongoing
Engine supplier(s) Flag of Australia svg.png Holden
Tyre supplier(s) Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jones

FIA Formula 3, commonly referred to simply as F3, is the third tier of open-wheel racing sanctioned by the FIA. Formula 3 is designed to be a step-up from Formula 4 that begins to prepare a driver for racing at higher echelons of motorsport, with the main differences being an increase in downforce and engine power, along with an increased emphasis on setting up the car and driver feedback.

The first F3 series was the short-lived Eurasian championship, hosting its inaugural season in 2018. Eurasian F3 would be joined in 2019 by the arrival of the Americas championship before the Eurasian series would be split into European and Asian championships, bringing the total number of F3 series to three.

Rules and Regulations

Series running to Formula 3 regulations

Series Location Inaugural Season Final Season
Flag of the Americas svg.png Formula 3 Americas Championship Americas 2019 Ongoing
Flag of Europe svg.png Formula 3 European Championship Europe 2020 Ongoing
Flag of Japan svg.png Formula 3 Asia Championship Asia 2020 Ongoing
Flag of Eurasia.svg.png Formula 3 Eurasia Championship Eurasia 2018 2019