Lewis Hamilton Manages Third Consecutive Win in China


11Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:33.450
263Jules BianchiPrecision-Mercedes1:33.525
32Lewis HamiltonCaterham-Judd1:33.651
462Dave CassidyPrecision-Mercedes1:33.725
529Pastor MaldonadoSauber-Judd1:34.366
699Kevin MagnussenDGN-Mercedes1:34.412
790Daniel RicciardoCalinetic-Holden1:34.687
827Nathan McKaneFerrari1:34.724
998Salvatore MiccoliDGN-Mercedes1:34.804
1091Max VerstappenCalinetic-Holden1:34.809
1130Mike RockenfellerSauber-Judd1:34.925
1228Romain GrosjeanFerrari1:34.963
1321Stoffel VandoorneHaas-Judd1:35.083
1432Daniel MelroseHolden1:35.166
1531Rhys DaviesHolden1:35.271
165Valtteri BottasWilliams-Ferrari1:35.287
1743Sébastien BourdaisValerian-Ferrari1:35.300
1822Johnny Cecotto Jr.Haas-Judd1:35.310
196Ma QinghuaWilliams-Ferrari1:35.644
2067Marcel Agyemang-BaduRed Bull-Mercedes1:35.772
2112Scott DixonFlanders-Holden1:35.815
2255Artem MarkelovMansell-Mercedes1:35.989
2311Carlos Sainz JrFlanders-Holden1:36.022
2466Esteban OconRed Bull-Mercedes1:36.024
2542Davide ValsecchiValerian-Ferrari1:36.060
2656Bradley DagnallMansell-Mercedes1:36.121

* demoted five places for changing engine/gearbox


Bourdais came very close to giving Valerian a valueable top 10 placement.

Only three weekends are left in the 2018 Formula One season and the battle for the title still rages on: what seemed like an easy title defense for Sebastian Vettel has turned into a major clash of Mercedes-Benz, represented by Mr. Krautmeir’s Precision team, and Caterham, represented by CWG Data Collection.

After the first round of the Chinese Grands Prix, the situation in the driver’s championship remained mostly unchanged: after Vettel got a two-point advantage in qualifying, extending his pole record by another one, he lost in the race to both Lewis Hamilton and Jules Bianchi, dropping two points to the Frenchman.

Behind the world title contenders, the midfield saw a couple of action-filled battles: Pastor Maldonado and Kevin Magnussen fought about being best of the rest, with the Dane winning the fight, securing DGN’s third place in the team’s championship. Sauber can still be pleased, a double points finish with Haas not scoring.

A daring drive by Sébastien Bourdais nearly was rewarded with a valueable top 10 finish, he drove much more competitively than the underdeveloped Valerian should allow him. Despite all the worries about their futures, Bourdais still gives the staff of the French Formula 1 team some hope about their future in the sport.


12Lewis HamiltonCaterham-Judd48:45.74715
263Jules BianchiPrecision-Mercedes+4.86412
31Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+8.26612
462Dave CassidyPrecision-Mercedes+10.6148
599Kevin MagnussenDGN-Mercedes+46.6916
629Pastor MaldonadoSauber-Judd+48.2035
790Daniel RicciardoCalinetic-Holden+57.0644
827Nathan McKaneFerrari+58.8963
928Romain GrosjeanFerrari+65.7572
1030Mike RockenfellerSauber-Judd+69.1111
1143Sébastien BourdaisValerian-Ferrari+70.7080
1291Max VerstappenCalinetic-Holden+74.5530
1398Salvatore MiccoliDGN-Mercedes+75.5350
1432Daniel MelroseHolden+77.7330
1521Stoffel VandoorneHaas-Judd+78.3730
1631Rhys DaviesHolden+80.6460
175Valtteri BottasWilliams-Ferrari+89.0200
1866Marcel Agyemang-BaduRed Bull-Mercedes+92.4990
1912Scott DixonFlanders-Holden+94.4920
206Ma QinghuaWilliams-Ferrari+94.8910
2111Carlos Sainz Jr.Flanders-Holden+1 Lap0
2222Johnny Cecotto Jr.Haas-Judd++1 Lap0
2355Artem MarkelovMansell-Mercedes+1 Lap0
2467Esteban OconRed Bull-Mercedes+1 Lap0
2542Davide ValsecchiValerian-Ferrari+1 Lap0
DNF56Bradley DagnallMansell-MercedesEngine0

Fastest Lap:

Lewis Hamilton – 1:34.174

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Sébastien Bourdais – is doing his job amazingly despite his car.

Reject Of The Race:

Haas-Judd – were absolutely nowhere during the entire race.