Russian F4 Seeding Round Dominated by Martin Liiv

If the opening round of Russian F4 is a prediction of how the rest of the year will turn out, we might as well save the energy and crown Martin Liiv champion. The Estonian youngster proved absolutely dominant in the first round of this new series.

He even made the life of his opposition harder, even if he never actually had close contact with them after the first two laps. Lukas Sohlberg and Vladimir Vasiliev, his main rivals for the win, made errors trying to keep up with him.

Sohlberg overdrove his car and crashed in the final corners, which incidentally means he will have to deal with Liiv’s superior speed in the round of 16 again as being the only retirement makes him the 16th seed for the season.

Vasiliev smacked into the walls, but made it back to the pitlane and was then able to fight back all the way to 9th position, which means he will face B-Tuning Pro teammate Aleksandr Mikhailov in the first round.

To talk about positives, Kirill Isotov fought his way back from 13th to join Liiv and Scherbitskiy on the podium; him and Olga Timofeeva, who jumped from P10 at the start to get P5 in the end, mean that every team has at least one driver in the top 5 seeds.


1st16Martin LiivSMP Racing31:23.657
2st22Alyaksandr ScherbitskiyB-Tuning Pro Racing Team+19.438
3st41Kirill IsotovBest In The World+26.002
4st2Vladimir SmolychenkoSMP Racing+28.096
5st86Olga TimofeevaNEFIS Racing Division+29.252
6st30Viktor MinBest In The World+32.369
7st58Dmitriy SmerdyakovNEFIS Racing Division+34.399
8st23Aleksandr MikhailovB-Tuning Pro Racing Team+36.192
9st21Vladimir VasilievB-Tuning Pro Racing Team+42.705
10st24Vladislav LavrentyevB-Tuning Pro Racing Team+44.018
11st38Svetlana DomrachevaBest In The World+44.208
12st33Nikodim SmotrovBest In The World+44.329
13st44Kerim AkhmetovNEFIS Racing Division+46.088
14st11Natanael SavolainenSMP Racing+46.625
15st7Boris StepanovSMP Racing+47.120
DNF72Lukas SohlbergNEFIS Racing DivisionAccident

Fastest Lap:

Lukas Sohlberg – 2:02.889

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Kirill Isotov – stayed out of the way and drove rather fast to earn a podium.

Reject Of The Race:

Lukas Sohlberg – by trying to go to fast, he may have earned himself a fast exit from title contention.