Restov Leads Ferrari Front Row Lockout at Monza

Evgeny Restov and Denis van Walwijk would take home both front row positions for BMS Scuderia Italia during the qualifying session for their home race: the Round of Italy.

Continuing on from winning in France, the Russian’s pole time would be more than one and a half tenths clear of the time set by his teammate van Walwijk. The main advantage Restov had on his lap was the Carson Corvette of Li Qi just within drafting distance, giving him the advantage he needed on the straightaways of Monza. Even with the lack of draft help for the South African, he would be nearly a tenth clear of third place qualifying Matteo Rossi, one of two Italians who partook in the qualifying session; the other being Amato Agostini who qualified eleventh.

Flanking Rossi on the second row is fellow front row starter from France in Fabian Rei, putting in a time only three thousandths of a second off of the factory Aston Martin driver. Starting on the third row would be Americans Joey Alliot and Chris Winter driving for Carson and Solvalou respectively, another two tenths off of the pole time set by Restov.

Directly behind them is the highest place Independent qualifier in Gia Van Dycke, her second consecutive pole position in class since the Belgio Ferrari initially got the weight break with Justin Case replacing Laurent Seron for France, Italy, and the Round of The United States. Van Dycke would the only Independent in the top eleven;  the only factory cars not in that group being Paul Travesen whose best lap was impeded by slower cars also on their fastest lap, and John Magnus driving the Falken Tire-shod Aston Martin. The next closest Independent qualifier was Melanie Bourne in her Boutsen Ginion Corvette, starting twelfth overall for the race on Sunday.

Qualifying Results – Round of Italy

128MEvgeny RestovScuderia Italia1:43.433
227MDenis van WalwijkScuderia Italia+0.165
36MMatteo RossiGulf+0.245
414MFabian ReiGerald Pereria+0.248
563MJoey AlliotCarson+0.481
602MChris WinterSolvalou+0.583
721IGia Van DyckeBelgio+0.589
803MMorgan Le FaySolvalou+0.705
964MLi QiCarson+0.771
1025MAnton RobishaudPagani+0.782
1124MAmato AgostiniPagani+0.790
123IMelanie BourneBoutsen Ginion+0.828
1377INathan ScottMinarae+1.038
1456IMarkus JacobsonCommonwealth+1.051
15555IAntonio Reyna-SanchezTom Douglas+1.110
1655IJames DouglasTom Douglas+1.142
1709IAlexi MelvanovChris Short+1.233
1831ISam WintonWinton+1.262
192IAkinori KikkawaBoutsen Ginion+1.267
2070INikov TimeAstana+1.299
2141MPaul TravesenGerald Pereria+1.303
2211ISimon MestachBest In The World+1.308
2345IHelena BertinelliEuromotor+1.310
2457IIto ShideharaCommonwealth+1.326
2530IPaul JenkinsGlobex Scorpio+1.334
2644IDiego VercuisseEuromotor+1.414
27007MJohn MagnusFalken+1.449
2808IChris WhitingChris Short+1.494
2932IKjeld AxelsenRMR+1.525
3089IEmma PescatoreLynxe+1.856