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West Cliff
Full Name West Cliff Racing
Base Enstone, England
Founder(s) Tony Douglas, Jackie Cliff
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Technical Director {{{Technical Director}}}
Current Drivers
Other Noted Drivers Douglas Mann, Sammy Jones, Hagane Shizuka
Debut 2010 F1RWRS German Grand Prix
Races 24
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 0
Race Wins 0
Podiums 2
Points 36
Pole Positions 0
Fastest Laps 0

West Cliff Racing (sometimes shortened to West Cliff) was a British racing team that competed in the first two seasons of the F1RWRS. The team never managed to win a race in a total of 23 entries, but all three of their drivers eventually won F1RWRS races after their stay at the team.


The team itself was descended from the Douglas-Cliff Racing team set up by Tony Douglas, father of future F1RGP2 racer Tom Douglas and Jackie Cliff. The two met in the navy during World War 2 and, after the war, decided to set up their own racing team with the pair buying ERAs and racing them in many post-War Grand Prix races. Whilst the pair were only midfield at best most of the time, they did manage to take an incredible 1-2 during the 1949 British Grand Prix with a combination of attrition and once in a lifetime driving.

With their goals achieved, they decided to retire from driving duties at the end of 1949 but they kept running the managerial side of things. The team switched their focus from competing on the Grand Prix scene towards Formula Two with the occasional success story for many years. West Cliff did return to Formula One in 1952 and 53 when it ran under F2 regulations, entering two Cooper-Bristols for the 1952 and 1953 British Grand Prixs with little success. After ending their association with Cooper in 1957, they started racing the hereunto untried Lotus cars for Colin Chapman, For many years afterwards, the team was an associate of Colin Chapman's Lotus operation with the team running many customer Lotus cars in Formula 2 and Formula 3 throughout Great Britain and Continental Europe with varying degrees with success.


In the team's first season, 2010, former F1 driver Sammy Jones was partnered alongside Manxman Douglas Mann. Whilst Jones had a best result of two third places over the season, neither driver was happy with the team's management and strategy calls, and both left at the end of the season. Both Mann and Jones subsequently established their own teams, Anglo-Manx Racing and Jones Racing respectively. For 2011, the team cut down to a one car outfit, and hired new driver Hagane Shizuka. However further trouble hit the team with Shizuka becoming increasingly displeased with the team's performance relative to the rest of the field, and left mid-way through the year to form Manx-Anglo-Nippon Racing Team with Douglas Mann, a parallel team to Mann's existing Anglo-Manx Racing team. Consequently, West Cliff was left without a driver for the remainder of the season, and with no further interest in their seat, closed their doors and left the series completely. The team's assets and name rights later passed to Foxdale Auto Racing Team for the nominal fee of $1.

F1RMGP 24 Hour V8 Bathurst Enduro

After the West Cliff name and assets passed to Foxdale, the West Cliff name returned in the 2014 F1RMGP 24 Hour V8 Bathurst Enduro. Using a DeLorean DMC-12 in a opposition dominated by Holden VE Commodores, Ford FG Falcons and Nissan GT-Rs, as well as one Trabant ran by their factory team (under Northern Korean licence), drivers Martin McFry, Douglas Mann and Alice Powell managed to finish fifth in the endurance race.



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F1RMGP 24 Hour Bathurst Enduro

Year Car Drivers Start Finish
2014 DeLorean DMC-12 Flag of the United States svg.png Martin McFry
Flag of the Isle of Man svg.png Douglas Mann
Flag of England svg.png Alice Powell
1 5