Aston Martin Motor Racing

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Aston Martin
Aston Martin.jpg
Full Name Aston Martin Motor Racing
Base Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Bristol, England
Founder(s) Brett Johnson
Team Principal(s) Brett Johnson
Technical Director Unknown
Current Drivers 7. Flag of France svg.png Marie Simon

8. Flag of Italy svg.png Roberto Dinella

Other Noted Drivers
Flag of Slovakia svg.png Andrej Kremnicky
Flag of Canada svg.png Tommy Nash
Flag of Japan svg.png Tomo Kazama
Flag of Italy svg.png Alessandro Marchesi
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jordan Davies
Debut 2014
Races 46 (45 starts)
Constructors' Championships 0
Drivers' Championships 1 (2015)
Race Wins 5
Podiums 17
Points 217
Pole Positions 1
Fastest Laps 8

Aston Martin Motor Racing, usually known simply as Aston Martin, is the official racing team for car manufacturer Aston Martin. They competed in Alternate Formula One from 1950 until 1955, after entering into a partnership with Jaguar in the 1951 season. The team have also competed in numerous sports car series and F2RWRS, but currently compete in the GT Super Series and the FIA Endurance Challenge.

Formula One



The team started out the F2RWRS with some good fortunes, with Kremnicky qualifying third for the race. However, Kremnicky was involved in an accident that broke his right arm and both legs. As a result Marchesi's fourth place (from 15th on the grid, mainly helped by attrition) was rather sour. Kremnicky was out for a long time. His replacement wass Micko Glotch from the Netherlands. Since then both Marchesi and Glotch have impressed, with Marchesi placing fourth twice and Glotch scoring five points in two races.

Kremnicky eventually returned in the Czech Republic race, earlier than expected. In the second race that he participated in, Kremnicky won the Italian, Portuguese and Spanish F2RWRS GP. The team managed to finish third in the constructors' championship, but lost out on the runner-up position by one point to Falik Arrows.


In 2015 Aston Martin lost both drivers to other teams, Marchesi to MRT and Kremnicky to Scuderia Alitalia. The team quickly signed test driver (and replacement for Kremnicky during his injury) Micko Glotch to a full season contract. The team signed F3RWRS Champion Tomo Kazama to a lucrative one-year deal to fill the second seat.

The team had a moderate start to the season, with Kazama scoring a fifth and a seventh in the first two races. Then Kazama placed 2nd and gained the teams' third fastest lap in Turkey, placed third in Monaco, and won in France while taking the team's first pole position. After that race, Glotch was fired from the team for poor performances, as he had not scored a point; he was replaced by Tommy Nash. Nash was slightly more competitive, he blew a fourth place by running off the track in his first race - resulting in Nash's former teammate Carter Simpson to initiate a brawl between HRT, who had just been sent to Pre-Qualifying as a result of Nash's off.

Meanwhile, Kazama had been racking up points due to pure consistency as the other championship contenders were either retiring due to technical problems or crashing out and racking up race bans from the stewards. In the race at Japan, Kazama was given a one-race ban afterwards for improper driving. After a lengthy appeal session, the ban was reduced to a suspended one-race ban. Kazama ended up crashing into someone and was excluded from Indianapolis. Meanwhile, Ryan Zimmer slammed Nash into the wall near the end of the race and broke his leg, calling for another replacement, which wound up being Jordan Davies, who had already signed for the team for the 2016 season. Marko Jantscher, who placed fifth in the 2015 F3RWRS championship, subbed in for Kazama after she broke her probation in the same race, but had already clinched the drivers' title. Both drivers did not finish the race, as did more than half of the field.


Jantscher signed for Licor Beirão, leaving an empty spot, and Nash was passed over due to performance, though his injury may have hastened this decision. Aston Martin decided to go with Aston alumni Alessandro Marchesi, who left the team in 2014 to join MRT, with mixed results. Marchesi is expected to lead the team, despite holding the #2, saying that the number brings him good luck.

After small points finishes marked the first two races for the team, Marchesi was back in his form from 2014 and scored two straight podiums in Britain and Italy. The bad luck returned for Aston Martin, though, and Marchesi was involved in an incident with Bastiaan van Nieuwenhuijzen, taking out a flag marshal in the process. Marchesi was not only disqualified, but he was also given a two-race ban, forcing the deputizing of 2014 runner-up Marie Simon. Simon scored in sixth in her first race but did not finish in the second. In that race in Long Beach, Davies was set for second place until he picked up a puncture late in the race, denying Aston Martin the much-needed points.

In the next race at Germany, Marchesi was involved in another incident, blocking the racing line and causing havoc, and was given a ban for the rest of the season. Marchesi was sacked immediately afterwards and Simon replaced Marchesi on a regular basis. Simon responded with a sensational victory at Zandvoort, putting Aston Martin back in contention for the Constructors' championship. A podium in Monaco from Davies only confirmed the title challenge.

It all went downhill from there, however. After an anonymous race in Belgium, Simon scored another third place in Mexico, followed by a fifth place in China, setting fastest lap in both races. After the race in China, Jordan Davies bailed on Aston Martin for the last three races of the season, joining the Young Lions for the last three races. Substituted in his place was Marco Bizzarri, a former driver for Scuderia Alitalia. Bizzarri himself drove well, placing 8th in Japan and 5th in the first Tropico 100 race. In the second Tropico 100 race, the team was sent down to Pre-Qualifying after being the slowest team in qualifying in the first race, and their slow times during that session meant that they did not qualify for the race, thus bringing an abrupt end to their title challenge.

Complete F2RWRS Results

Year Chassis Engine # Driver 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 CC Pts
2014 Lola F2-14 Aston Martin AM-87 V8 TUR MON FRA GBR AUT GER NED BEL HUN CZE ITA POR ESP CAN USA 3rd 83
16 Flag of Italy svg.png Alessandro Marchesi 4 9 4 8 4 Ret Ret Ret Ret 3 4 5 10 Ret 3
17 Flag of Slovakia svg.png Andrej Kremnicky Ret INJ INJ INJ INJ INJ INJ INJ INJ Ret 1 1 1 Ret Ret
Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Micko Glotch Ret 9 7 6 5 10† 4 11
2015 Lola F2-15 Aston Martin AM-88 V8 TAS RSA TUR MON FRA GBR GER BEL AUT ITA NDS SIN JPN USA 100 2nd 71
5 Flag of the Netherlands.svg.png Micko Glotch Ret 11 Ret 9 Ret
Flag of Canada svg.png Tommy Nash 8 15 Ret Ret 6 Ret 9 6 Ret INJ
Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jordan Davies Ret
6 Flag of Japan svg.png Tomo Kazama 5 7 2 3 1 3 8 10 5 2 3 3 13 Ret EX
Flag of Austria svg.png Marko Jantscher Ret
2016 Lola F2-16 Aston Martin AM88-2 AUS PAC GBR ITA AUT TUR USA GER NDS MON BEL MEX CHN JPN 100 100 4th 63
0 Flag of the United Kingdom svg.png Jordan Davies 12 5 Ret 13 4 15 14† 13 Ret 3 9 Ret Ret
Flag of Italy svg.png Marco Bizzarri 8 5 DNPQ
2 Flag of Italy svg.png Alessandro Marchesi 7 15† 3 3 DSQ EX EX 15†
Flag of France svg.png Marie Simon 6 Ret 1 Ret 7 3 5 11 9 DNPQ
7 Flag of France svg.png Marie Simon Ret 18 12
8 Flag of Italy svg.png Roberto Dinella 16 21 14

*Season in progress † Driver did not finish race, but was classified as they had completed 90% race distance