Pastor Maldonado Wins Thrilling Battle Near Istanbul


163Diego Álvarez TorrentePrecision-Mercedes1:20.405
22Lewis HamiltonCaterham-Judd1:20.530
362Jules BianchiPrecision-Mercedes1:20.726
429Pastor MaldonadoSauber-Judd1:20.805
51Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd1:20.845
634Valtteri BottasTheodore-Judd1:21.012
730Dean StonemanSauber-Judd1:21.171
833Einar ÁrmannssonTheodore-Judd1:21.241
924Kevin MagnussenFAST-Mercedes1:21.430
1027Dave CassidyFerrari1:21.566
1123Pierre GaslyFAST-Mercedes1:21.863
1221Stoffel VandoorneHaas-Judd1:21.971
1328Daniel MelroseFerrari1:22.003
1422Jordan DaviesHaas-Judd1:22.397
1531Romain GrosjeanHolden1:22.543
1690Daniel RicciardoCalinetic-Holden1:22.555
1732Alexander AlbonHolden1:22.565
1891Max VerstappenCalinetic-Holden1:22.722
1966Pascal WehrleinRed Bull-Ferrari1:23.165
205Marvin KirchhöferWilliams-Mercedes1:23.222
216Santiago UrrutiaWilliams-Mercedes1:23.270
22118Carlos Sainz JrDawson-Holden1:23.283
2367Mike RockenfellerRed Bull-Ferrari1:23.293
2455Artem MarkelovMansell-Mercedes1:23.444
25119Felix RosenqvistDawson-Holden1:23.510
2656Sergey SirotkinMansell-Mercedes1:23.734


The three elite teams of Formula 1 were in a close fight at the Turkish Grand Prix.


Many people expect the current three-way battle for the titles between Sauber, Precision and Caterham to not last long, given as Sauber simply lacks the financial firepower to compete with the great works-supported effort of Precision and the CWG-funded Caterham team.

If these fears prove to be true, the fans of the sport should enjoy the current state of things as long as possible. Today, we saw all three teams fight bravely for the win from the start until the end of the pitstop phases, where Pastor Maldonado finally jumped ahead for good.

This battle asked quite a lot of all teams which came to haunt the inexperienced Diego Torrente, who used up his fuel to stay in a good position. This is the kind of learning curve all young drivers have to go through, but when you contend for a title, it stings even harder.

Behind the big names, other teams are worthy of praise as well: Ferrari did well to earn a double-points finish. Stoffel Vandoorne is unfazed by Haas’ announcement to exit Formula One, he finished the race in an impressive 8th place for his American employer, earning three points.


129Pastor MaldonadoSauber-Judd42:50.71015
262Jules BianchiPrecision-Mercedes+6.39912
32Lewis HamiltonCaterham-Judd+10.04910
41Sebastian VettelCaterham-Judd+13.7468
530Dean StonemanSauber-Judd+28.8436
634Valtteri BottasTheodore-Judd+31.3075
727Dave CassidyFerrari+42.7094
821Stoffel VandoorneHaas-Judd+56.2893
928Daniel MelroseFerrari+59.6692
1023Pierre GaslyFAST-Mercedes+60.0631
1131Romain GrosjeanHolden+62.2370
1222Jordan DaviesHaas-Judd+62.9410
1390Daniel RicciardoCalinetic-Holden+67.0870
1466Pascal WehrleinRed Bull-Ferrari+82.9600
1591Max VerstappenCalinetic-Holden+85.2230
1663Diego Álvarez TorrentePrecision-MercedesFuel0
176Santiago UrrutiaWilliams-Mercedes1 Lap0
18119Felix RosenqvistDawson-Holden1 Lap0
1955Artem MarkelovMansell-Mercedes1 Lap0
2067Mike RockenfellerRed Bull-Ferrari1 Lap0
2132Alexander AlbonHolden1 Lap0
DNF56Sergey SirotkinMansell-MercedesAccident0
DNF118Carlos Sainz JrDawson-HoldenTransmission0
DNF5Marvin KirchhöferWilliams-MercedesCollision0
DNF33Einar ÁrmannssonTheodore-JuddCollision0
DNF24Kevin MagnussenFAST-MercedesCollision0

* given five-second penalty

Fastest Lap:

Jules Bianchi – 1:22.468

Infinite Improbability Drive Of The Race:

Ferrari – were best of the rest on merit, a good performance.

Reject Of The Race:

Marvin Kirchhöfer – earned himself a nice race ban for his actions.