Moll Surges Late in Spa Victory

Stefan Kuntz and Aureilen Moll secure their second overall victory in a row after a strong display on home-soil from the former F1RWRS driver late in the race.

The lead factory Lamborghini found themselves eighth on the road after the final round of pit-stops in monsoon conditions at Spa-Francorchamps after Stefan Kuntz led for the duration of the first stint. Over the final thirty minutes of the race, the Belgian would decisively pass the cars and ahead and would be triumphant in a late battle with the second place finishing Gerald Pereria Lister of Shane Sparks and Owen Carvill.

The 20 Lister and 3 Delacroix-Serrano Maserati would start the final stint of the race 2-1 after strong pit strategy earlier in the race with the pack of seven cars behind deep in battle. The pack would show little intention to battle the cars up front bar the eventual winner with the mass implications that were at hand with most of the main title protagonists in the battle. The lone title protagonist in this battle would be the lead Gerald Pereria Lister driven by Fabian Rei and Ryota Wong who suffered a brake failure early in the final stint. The other car that would gain the most time through pit strategy would be the second Union Saver Corvette and would have finished fifth overall if it weren’t for incurring a 15 second penalty early in the race, giving the lead Union Saver Corvette, who finished fourth, a support player in helping their championship bid.

Karl Lichter Shultz would spin the 87 JLD Saleen at the bus-stop chicane early in the race leaving Diego Mauricio Batistuta facing the wrong direction, eventually collecting the ICE-3 Ferrari of Helena Boveri. The safety car would be deployed, allowing for cleanup at the bus-stop and to better gauge the monsoon-like conditions at Spa-Francorchamps. The big winner early on would be the leat Kjellerup Saleen then piloted by José Pablo Mazzacane who rocketed to second after great start. The 39 Saleen would end up being the last car finishing in the top 10 after the penalty to the number 2 Corvette was taken into account.

The winning car in the Independent class would be the 41 Best In The World Lamborghini driven by Asim Adhikari and Marlin Hortin. They found themselves in the lead pack of Manufacture cars throughout the race and the bad luck that has plagued them as of late would not appear, helping them secure their first class victory since the race at Paul Ricard earlier in the year.

After starring in the Pre-Qualifying race on Friday, the part-time Winton Racing Viper would continue it’s strong form in the Ardenne region by finishing second in the independent class. After starting in sixteenth position, they would make up most of their ground in the middle stint of the race before pitting late for the second and final time, securing their position in the top ten when the two hour race was completed.

Race Results – After 44 Laps

220MSparks/CarvillGerald Pereria+0:00.76
41MLlosa/McKennaUnion Saver+0:01.38
541IAdhikari/HortinBest In The World+0:02.52
727Mvan Walwijk/CrescenziVittore+0:04.35
928MAL Voeckler/ValentiVittore+0:05.37
122MShultz/RibeiroUnion Saver+0:16.70
145Ivan Dycke/MunariBelgio+0:22.65
1911IHorford/LomasBest In The World+0:38.76
2051IBisping/BertinelliEuromotor International+0:40.70
2291IHirvonen/SimmonsGlobex Scorpio+0:46.29
254MRoda/FM VoecklerDelacroix-Serrano+3 Laps*
2619MRei/WongGerald PereriaBrakes

Fastest Lap – 27 (Vittore Ferrari – Van Walwijk/Crescenzi) – 2:29.142

Infinite Improbability Drive of the Race – Rafael Modena and James Davies: Brought a inconsistent car kicking and screaming to a great result in terrible conditions.

Reject of The Race – The Kjellerup Pit Crew: The 39 dropped like a stone after starring, and the 40’s first pit stop was so slow that it put Steffen Belsø twenty seconds behind the struggling Katayama Ferrari.