McKane Sets The Pace on Day One of Bahrain Test

Nathan McKane posted the quickest overall time out of everyone on Day One of the GT Super Series Pre-Season Test at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The former Ferrari F1 driver would put in the best times in both of the sessions run during the first day in the test, with the first being run in Race Trim for the cars and the second in Qualifying trim as mandated by the series. In both sessions Carson Speedworks driver Li Qi put in the second quickest time behind the Ravenwest Motorsport Owner/Driver, with his quickest time in the second session being less than half a tenth of a second behind the newly anointed factory Aston Martin entry.

Putting in the third quickest time of the day was Andrea Constantini, moving up to the starting driver role for selected rounds this season at BMS Scuderia Italia. His time in the second session was less than two tenths off of the time set by McKane, however his time in the first session was seven tenths off the pace and fifth quickest in the first session.

Reigning World Driver’s Champion Chris Winter put in the fourth overall quickest time of the day and was the last driver to break into the One Minute, Fourty-Nine second barrier during the second session of the day. His new teammate Emma Pescatore put in the eighth quickest time of the day in her debut with Racing Team Solvalou.

The quickest Independent driver in both sessions was James Douglas, putting in the sixth quickest time during the session run in Qualifying Trim for Tom Douglas Racing. While he was four tenths off of the pace in the Qualifying Trim session, his pace in the Race Trim session was only good enough for eighteenth, nearly two seconds off of the best time from the session. Putting in the quickest time for the Independents during the Race Trim session was series debutante Peter Oliver, leading a Lamborghini 1-2-3 within the Independent Class results for the opening session. Harrison Wilkinson and Koyomi Setou completed that top 3 lockout within the opening session.

Test Results – Day 1

Pos#ClassDriverTeamBest TimeLaps
12MNathan McKaneRavenwest1:49.70248
264MLi QiCarson+0.04654
328MAndrea ConstantiniScuderia Italia+0.18649
401MChris WinterSolvalou+0.21555
563MJoey AlliotCarson+0.35756
655IJames DouglasTom Douglas+0.44351
725MAnton RobishaudPagani+0.55154
803MEmma PescatoreSolvalou+0.71753
919IPeter OliverOliver+0.73145
1015MPaul TravesenGerald Pereria+0.80856
1114MFabian ReiGerald Pereria+0.93152
126MMatteo RossiGulf+0.94841
1340MRhys DaviesMacmillan+1.10148
1424MAmato AgostiniPagani+1.23651
1531ISam WintonWinton+1.45555
1688IHarrison WilkinsonLKM+1.51754
1745IHelena BertinelliEuromotor+1.73754
1813INatsuki YanameWinton+1.75053
193IMelanie BourneBoutsen Ginion+1.80647
2027MValeri KozarScuderia Italia+1.84746
2141IKoyomi SetouBest In The World+1.87352
22555IAntonio Reyna-SanchezTom Douglas+1.87656
2330IPaul JenkinsGlobex Scorpio+2.00950
2443MDarren Older Jr.Macmillan+2.01049
2532IKjeld AxelsenRMR+2.16244
26007IJohn MagnusFalken Tire+2.25152
2734IArtesia MassOran+2.32555
2816ILaurent SeronWestside+2.48354
29550IJiri KomarekCzechmate+2.63755
3011IHailton FidelisBest In The World+2.76754
3144IAlexandre CharpantierEuromotor+3.11153
3299IRobert BlackPeople's Republic+3.42953
3398IClaudio BandiniPeople's Republic+3.55951
343IIto ShideharaBoutsen Ginion+4.37251
3510IDaniil KostovVA+4.78854

Note: Everyone’s best times happened in Session 2: the Qualifying Trim Session, with the exception of John Magnus who put in his best time during the Race Trim Session.