Le Fay Leads the Way on Day 1 of Bahrain Test

Morgan Le Fay, new recruit to Racing Team Solvalou, posted the fastest time during the first day of the GT Super Series Pre-Season Test at the Bahrain International Circuit.

The Brit would eek out the fastest time of the day part way through the Qualifying Trim session from newcomer to reigning Team’s Champion Paul Travesen. The pair of them would put in near identical times in the session for their respective teams. It would be a good day for Racing Team Solvalou, with both teammate Chris Winter and Le Fay going 1-2 in the opening session of the day and were third and fourth in the second session before Le Fay topped the times to end the day.

Topping the second session of the day was Super GP winner Fabian Rei in the other Gerald Pereia Lister, putting in the only sub-1:50 time in the two Race Trim sessions in the day. Rei would then follow up that and put in the sixth fastest time in the Qualifying Trim session. Separating Rei from teammate Travesen would be Chris Winter and both of the BMS Scuderia Italia Ferraris. The new factory Ferrari squad had a strong showing in day one; finishing off the first session 3-4 behind the factory Lamborghinis.

Leading the way for the Independents would be Gia Van Dycke, with the best time of the day for a Independent during the qualifying trim session. Sam Winton would be not too far behind in the third session, and would end up with the second fastest time for a Independent in the first session of the day. Topping the times within the Independent Class throughout the day would be Helena Bertinelli and Simon Mestach alongside Gia Van Dycke.

Test Results – Day 1

102MMorgan Le FaySolvalou1:49.21862
241MPaul TravesenGerald Pereria+0.00669
328MEvgeny RestovScuderia Italia+0.03867
427MDenis van WalwijkScuderia Italia+0.11266
503MChris WinterSolvalou+0.18966
614MFabian ReiGerald Pereria+0.28064
721IGia Van DyckeBelgio+0.59269
857ISam WintonWinton+0.60165
963MJoey AlliotCarson+0.60167
106MMatteo RossiGulf+0.61566
1164MLi QiCarson+0.63569
1245IHelena BertinelliEuromotor+0.69659
1388IHarrison WilkinsonLKM+0.72462
1424MAmato AgostiniPagani+0.79168
1596ISimon MestachBest In The World+0.86065
1644IDiego VercuisseEuromotor+0.87564
17555IAnonio Reyna-SanchezTom Douglas+0.96167
1857IAkinori KikkawaBoutsen Ginion+0.99868
1911IHailton FidelisBest In The World+1.03367
2025MAnton RobishaudPagani+1.14168
2155IJames DouglasTom Douglas+1.34068
22007MJohn MagnusFalken Tire+1.35366
2332IKjeld AxelsenRMR+1.45962
2409IAlexi MelvanovChris Short+1.61762
2577INathan ScottMinarae+1.62268
263ILaurent GauthierBoutsen Ginion+1.64864
2708IChris WhitingChris Short+1.67065
2861IFederico NavarroFulcrum+1.72462
2913IHelio HernandezWinton+1.74267
3056IDarren Older Jr.CWG+1.89466
3157IIto ShideharaCWG+2.03065
3230IPaul JenkinsGlobex Scorpio+2.31166
3362IThomas DayFulcrum+2.76567

Note: Everyone’s best times happened in Session 3: the Qualifying Trim Session, with the exception of Laurent Gauthier and Darren Older Jr. who put in their best times during the Race Trim Sessions.